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Mary's Angel Realm
Welcome To Mary's Angel Realm

This site is being made for my best friend, my confidant, my advisor
~ My Mom!

She has touched the lives of every one she has ever met, and will continue to as long as she is on this earth. Angels have always been a big part of her life, and to say she resonates angels is an understatement. It seems she attracts people to her from all walks of life... The kid from down the block who wants to tell her he has a new puppy and please come see it, the older person who comes into her store to see her just because they want someone to talk to, the employee who has home problems and just wants someone to hold them while they cry on her shoulder to the people who stop her in the middle of the aisle of the store she manages to tell her she has a beautiful soul (even though they have NEVER met her before!).

Mom, this site is for you! Thank you for always being there for me too! I could never have asked for a better mother in the whole world. Thank you for always being there for me, loving me no matter what I did, or didn't do and for just being you! I love you!

Seven Wonders of the World
Added: 10/16/01
Dance of The Angels
Eagle Soar
Angel of Mine
Angel Embrace
Love of Angels
Angels In My Heart
Daily Wish
The Guardian
The Way of Angels
How To Be An Earthbound Angel
Be An Angel
I Will Greet This Day
I'll Be There
Angels To Bring Into Your Life
A Face Only A Mother Could Love

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Mary The Angel Lady

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I love you Mom!

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Started: April 25, 2000
Updated: October 16, 2001.