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Pictures from Riverfest '01 and the meet and greet

Pictures from the Houston concert!

Pictures from the San Antonio concert

Check out my 2nd row pictures from the Tulsa concert!!

Hey guys! It's been so long since I've really updated this site - generally because, well it's been so long since an actual Hanson appearance! I've pretty much been living my life, trying not to think about the drought too much (A watched pot never boils!), while still checkin in every once in awhile to see if I've missed anything. (I haven't.) Just updating those who love to go back and look at old pics over and over again, that I'm still around, and as soon as Hanson gets that cd out and does some promo for it, I'll be there, taking more pics to share with y'all. Until then, I still don't trade or sell my pictures. I may trade for something, depending on what it is and how bad I want it. Sorry! Till the next tour - rock on! Please sign the guestbook on the way out :) Also, check out my friend Terri's live Hanson pictures , and my friend Amanda's Riverfest pictures as well.

My Thanks

First and foremost I want to thank the Lord for blessing me with such great things in my life. Through Christ, all things are possible. And I want to thank my best friend Terri and her dad for making my dream come true, for a second time! Also, I want to thank all the djs at 104 KRBE for having Hanson on the show, and for being so nice to us fans, even though we bugged them for the entire week preceding the event! (Atom Smasher is a hottie!) And of course, I want to thank Hanson, for being so sweet to their fans, and for making all of our dreams come true.

I wanna give a shoutout to ALL my Hanson buds, online and off. I've met so many great people at concerts, and you all are the kewlest. Hey to Amanda, Maya and Nikki (luv y'all!), Sarah, Jessica, Jennifer, the other Jessica, Erica, Natalie, Cassi, Jenna, Brooke, Brianna, Chelsea, Amy, Mai, Martina, Christina, Stephanie, the other Christina, the other Stephanie and allllll the other people I've met, I know a missed a lot of you. I love y'all though! Y'all definately make all my Hanson experiences 10 times more fun. :-)

These pictures were taken BY me, FOR me. PLEASE do not take these pictures. Besides, whats the fun in stealing the pictures? All the fun was in taking the original picture.

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