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All of "I." and "A." and "1." are taken from Lygumai Revision Lists, 1858 and 1866. Much of the remaining info came from Sarah Snyder.

I. Yudel Leybovich (Lygumai Revision List, 1858)

   A. Shmerel (age 58 as of 1858) married Gene (age 50 as of 1858; daughter of Leyb)

      1. Kopel (age 15 as of 1866, probably mistake) married Dveyre (age 35 as of 1866; daught. of Iosel) (Note it is not known whether "Kopel" was the same as Israel below or whether this was another son.) (Note also that Kopel was listed in the 1866 Revision List as being a son of Shmerel Leybovich, presumably the same Shmerel that is listed in the 1858 List as being the father of Iosel, who is presumably Yasha Leib -- see below.)

      2. Muma Chaya (Ida) Lebowitz married Simcha Glasser (brother of David, Joseph, and Dena; see Aaron Glasser Families and Simcha Glasser Family Tree)

      3. Muma Sura (Sarah) Lebowitz

- Issur (possibly in Washington DC)

      4. Israel

- Sorka married SNYDER

      5. Yasha Leib (Leba) [much info on his descendants comes by way of Goldy WOLFSON and Libbie KROSTMAN] may have married a Hinda/Hilda, possibly GLASSER (see Aaron Glasser Families). Both died in Europe. (Note that Yasha Leib is presumed to be the same as "Iosel" who is listed in the Lygumai Revision List, 1858, as the son of Shmerel and as being married to "Ginde", age 25 at the time, whose name also helps further substantiate that Yasha married a Hinda, as claimed by a relative.)

- Anna/Hanna married Bera Hersh WOLFSON (his 2nd marriage) [see info on Bera's 1st marriage further below]

-- Ida married Louis HYMAN (son of Sarah GLASSER HYMAN, who was the daughter of Simcha Glasser; see Simcha Glasser Family Tree)

-- Samuel (Simcha) "Simmie" married Goldy (Baltimore, MD)

-- Molly (of ?Richmond, VA) married ?Meyer BERNSTEIN

-- Hilda married Sam LAND (his 2nd marriage was to Mary LEVIN, daughter of Hannah GLASSER LEVIN, who was the daughter of Simcha GLASSER; see Simcha Glasser Family Tree) and had 2 children

-- Jennie married BUCKNER

-- Robert (?Rube)

-- Harry

Bera Hersh WOLFSON, whose second marriage was to Hanna LEIBOWITZ (daugh. of Yash Leib above), was first married to someone and had Hanna (?Chenka) and Benjamin

- Chenka (Anna?) married WHITEHEAD

-- Libby married KROSTMAN

-- Hilda

-- Eva

-- Anna

-- Louis

-- Willie

- Benjamin