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Most info supplied by Edith Morganstein:

Yehuda Dov GERBER was first married to someone by 1849; had several children, one of which is identified (note that the death cert. of this one child, Sarah, lists her parents as "Abraham and Rosa", and her tombstone lists her as the daught of "Ber Leev")

- Sarah (Oct.24, 1850-Jan.7,1919, Berkley, Norfolk, Va., death cert.) (probably later took the name SHERMAN when her step-mother [Sarah Leah - see below] later married Pesach SHERMAN, Sarah Leah's 2nd husband - see Sherman Families). Sarah Gerber/Sherman married Joseph GLASSER (see Joseph Glasser Family Tree)

Presumably after the death of Yehuda Dov GERBER's first wife, Yehuda Dov married Sarah Leah (Tserla) FRANK, daught. of Phillip (Shraga) FRANK according to death cert. (Later, after Yehuda Dov's death when he was killed in 1874 by a bull while trying to help either his sons or sons-in-law escape the drafting into the Russian army, she presumably married Pesach SHERMAN - see Sherman Families)

- Simon (took name SHERMAN when his mother remarried a SHERMAN - presumably Pesach); b.Jan.1872; arrived in Baltimore in 1886 "with one of the Sherman relatives" according Edith Morganstein; married Ida FINE (daught of Moses and Rachel) in Baltimore in 1896 (Simon and Ida were distantly related in some way even before they married); moved to Wash.DC in 1904; d.Nov.1951

-- Edith married Louis M. MORGANSTEIN

-- Mary "Mickey" married SCHENKER

- Lewis (b.1864) came to US in 1875 at Baltimore; a gentile farmer named Berman picked him up and took him to his farm near Westminster, Md.; married a gentile

-- male