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Much of this information was provided by Sylvia ROSENBERG, the daughter of Peter CAPLAN's son Isadore Louis, below, in early 1980s.

1. Peter (Pesach Berra Shraga) CAPLAN (March 1845, presumably Ligum - June 1916, Baltimore; said to have been age 19 when came to U.S.) married (1862) Rachel (Beth Shera) SCHNEIDER (Nov.1850-June 1908; daugh. of Israel Louis and Chaya SCHNEIDER, and sister of Mary, whom Peter married 2nd after Rachel's death; see below and Schneider Families)

NOTE: Mrs. Rosenberg writes, "Pesach Caplan's naturalization papers are made out in the name of Bera Caplan. A notation in my father's handwriting says his name in Russia was Pesach Berre Shraga. There is no mention of a city or village they came from. So far as I can make out, he was naturalized in April 8, 1899. According to the paper I have he declared his intention to become a citizen in Sept. 25, 1896."

- Sarah (Mar.1879)

- Becca (Apr.1881)

- Dora (Mar.1884)

- Isaac (Dec.1870) married Sarah KARP (May 1870, sister of Dora, who married Joseph CAPLAN -- below)

-- Philip (Baltimore, Md., Aug.1891-Sept.1976) married Ida May GLASSER (see David Glasser Family Tree)

--- Paul Glasser married Ruth KOPELOVE SALASKY

--- Selma Faye (Oct.10, 1923, Norfolk, Va. - May 3, 2000, Norfolk) married Nathan BERENT (July 23, 1915, Petersburg, Va. - June 23, 1998, son of Max BERENT and Fannie RESNIK - see Isaac Legum Family Tree)

---- Steven Barry (Dec.21, 1954, Norfolk - )

---- Irwin Mark (Feb.10, 1958, Norfolk - )

-- Jennie (Aug.1893) married Alex BLUMBERG (changed to BLAIN)

--- Ann (div.) married WYMAN


-- Max (Dec.1898) married

--- Clarice

-- Mollie (Jan.1900) married

--- Robert married

-- Carl married Bess

--- Lou


-- Harry (possibly had cerebral palsy)

- Isadore Louis (1883) married Lena MORGANSTERN

-- Sylvia married H. Harry ROSENBERG

-- Beatrice married Herbert S. LEWIS

- Joseph married Dora KARP (sister of Sarah, above)

-- Ida (May 1889, Md. - ) married Ben GINSBERG

-- Abraham (Apr.1890, Md. - ) married Reba COHEN

-- Becca (Mar.1892, Md. - ) married Louis KAPLAN (son of Gershon KAPLAN, below, who was brother of Peter CAPLAN, above)

--- Helen

--- Jolene married SANDLER

--- Selby married Laib SALTZ

-- Sarah (Oct.1894, Md. - ) married Morris SOLOMON

-- Harry (Oct.1896, Md. - ) married Eva

1. Peter (Pesach Berra Shraga) CAPLAN (March 1845-June 1916) 2nd married (1 or 2 months after death of first wife, Rachel, who was Mary's sister, above) Mary (Mere) SCHNEIDER, (Jan.1842-Oct. 22, 1921; age 30 as of 1866 Lygumai Revision List; daugh. of Israel Louis and Chaya SCHNEIDER; she first married Mendel (Menda Velvel) Brenner, age 30 as of 1866 Lygumai Rev.List, son of Leyba Brenner; see Schneider Families)

2. Gershon KAPLAN married Toby?

- Louis married Rebecca/Becca CAPLAN (daugh. of Joseph CAPLAN, above)

-- Helen

-- Jolene married SANDLER

-- Selby married Laib SALTZ

- Sam married

-- Geraldine (d.age 20)

-- Rona married Jerry K...