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You bastards and bitches...from the poorest to the richest...Get down to the ground with Ledge and this infernalized music site-lyrix are raw and are to be taken seriously with extreme prejudice. These corrupt muthafuckas rock & let their music speak for itself. We know whats happening to America the so-called nation. NYSE IMF OMB FINCEN CPI FBI CIA WTO...LEDGE flows thru your worthless corrupt veins**** Homeland Security? You wont be able to control us when the shit hits. GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN!!! Get ready for it-nearly $142,000 for every man, woman, child and premature ejaculate in this fucked up country. Go ahead & pass the pork barrel scams & laws. The American Dream has quickly become a Nightmare...No amount of money will protect you. Satellites...Superpower? FUCK YOU.



THE LEDGE PLEDGE: No more allocating money that doesn't exist and giving it to a chosen frozen to let it trickle down. No more Executive Orders and no more godamn Federal Reserve. No more Jewish Hollywood. Our resources are real not imagined. No more government contracts. No more kickbacks. No more Late fees. No more United States. Our public servants, the rich, overpopulation and diminishing fossil fuels for the G7 will lead this world and so-called nation down to a beautiful extinction around 2015.


 LEDGE wants to personally thank those who protested globalization in Washington Sept 2002 & Australia 2002. -SONGS WILL GET STUDIO PRODUCTION AND CIA financial backing OCT 2002 Get Ready for IT!!! CD includes: Produx , FutureWorld, Volition, Killing Machine, Doom Society, Necrobeastiality (uncensored version), Cannibal, All is Lost, Shelter, Reign of Terror

 Merchandice available at, This includes T-Shirts, Stickers, Nicotine Patches, Frisbee's, Hats, Posters, and other crap...Also Thanx to all-we have sold over 416 CD's since Oct 2001. e-mail for list. LEDGE has a merchants I.D. ---WE ACCEPT ALL of GREAT SATANS Credit Cards

 Kyoto (JAPAN) Doom Society TOUR Oct. 13-27th 2002. Special thanks to: Sepultura, Public Enemy, Greenspan ($pan the funny money) TYPE-O, Bathory, Prong, Slayer, Larry Flint (HUSTLER), Also thanks: Ibanez, Korg, whirlwind, Dunlop, Electro-Voice, SK_1, BC Rich, Marshall, Crate, Sonar, Sony Playstation II, Vectrex, Machine Head, M. Manson, P. Roach, DMX, Testament, World Bank (Mr. Wolfensohn), Nirvana, 2-Short, Osama Bin, AC-DC (w/ Bon Scott), Soulfly, Lil John & the Eastside boyz, Tim McVeigh, Rage against the machine, Lone wolves, U.S. Govt., OZZY, Celtic Frost, SouthPark, Simpsons, Christian Identity groups, Uni-bomber, Dahmer, Finance Ministers, Exxon, Federal Reserve, Aperah Swingtree, Barely Legal, Gangs, Hackers, Hookers, Exhibitionists,, All the German, Holland, and Canadian beer companies for the years of dedicated service. Thanks to the American Enterprise Institute & Council of Foreign Relations who are the assholes & generous fucks whose donations make LEDGE possible. ---ALSO THANKS KAZAA.COM


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