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1.19.02- OK, I am totally redoing my webapge... most of it is from 8th grade... but i am changing the pics and shout outs and pretty much the whole page. so hope u like it!

7.3.01- Hi! ok i just made a new poll so everyone vote at it... and please! sign the guest book cause i want to know who is coming to my page! :)

6.22.01- YO YO YO!! I just added pictures from the last week of 8th grade! look at them! there under "NEW PICTURES!" xoxo-- Kerry

6/18/01- HI! This summer has been really awesome! I am trying to think of a new poll, so if u have a good one tell me.

6/6/01- Hey ya'll! i changed my slide show so it has upsated pics.. i got alot of the pictures from Kourtnie..(Kourt-- hope u dont mind.. if u do email me and i will take them off)

5/15/01- Hey i just added my pictures from Hawaii! Its up at the links and it say "Hawaii Pictures" LoL well anyway its cute so go to it! XOXO 7 more days of MMS!

4/13/01- I have pictures from my spring break in Hawaii with Tara... i just have to put them on my webpage! so come back in like a week to see them.

2/14/01- hey i just added pictures from the party in january. so look at them!

1/29/01- i just added some glamour shot pictures! so look at them! they are soo cute!

12/27/00- Hey guess what Tara did? EVERYTHING!!!!!! she's so stupid she listens to whatever Ryan says! she is actually reading this right now! Ryan owns Tara! AHAHAHAHHAHA

12/13/00- I just added a poll and a slide show! so look at them and vote at the poll! if u have any good questions for the poll then email me:

12/10/00- Geez i haven't updated my webpage forever! I have more pictures to ad so come back in acouple of days! but for now, g2g

11/25/00- hey everyone I just got home from Cleveland! me and tara r tryin to get people to go to see "unbreakable" at 7 o'clock inside the golden trianle mall, so if u see this in time! meet us up there!

11/15/00- I know right now my page doesn't have much on it, but it is really confusing! Ryan is trying to help me but it still sux! but look at my pic page and shout outs!

11/14/00- I was sick today with strep throat and a sinus infection, but I will probley be in school tomorrow!

11/13/00- I am making this web page and I am putting more stuff on it every day so comeback and sign the guestbook while your here!