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Exploring the 5 Senses

Observation is a powerful tool for the student actor. Through careful observation, the student actor can learn about characters and how they act and react.

How do we observe? We use our 5 senses to see, smell, hear, taste and touch the world around us. Student actors should learn to expand their senses and concentrate on every sensation.
Here are some activities for the student actor to explore and expand the ability to observe using the 5 senses.
DD00704_.WMF (3922 bytes) The brain thinks in pictures and images even before it has words. Try these exercises and activities to explore your sense of sight. Do you see what I see?
WB01748_.GIF (727 bytes) Smells can trigger images and memories from your past. Your brain links smells with situations and feelings. Explore your sense of smell with these activities.
SO02232_.WMF (1724 bytes) What are your favorite flavors? What flavors do you dislike? The sense of taste is very individual. Explore your sense of taste and how taste affects your feelings with these activities.
wpe57.jpg (8810 bytes) The world is full of sounds, so many that people generally "tune out" the majority of the sounds so that they can concentrate. Explore your sense of hearing with these activities.
BS01202_.WMF (9394 bytes) Your skin is the body's largest organ. It provides constant signals through the sensation of touch. Explore your sense of touch with these activities.


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