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Ender's Game

Ender Wiggin is a six year old kid in the future. Aliens have attacked Earth twice and almost destroyed us both times. This time, though, Earth is going on the offensive. Ender is chosen to go through some very rigorous training, like many other boys, in order to become soldiers. However, Ender is manipulated throughout the novel by the generals and commanders in charge of Earth's forces. They trick him into doing exactly what they want him to. But, despite all of that, Ender still becomes extremely good in the training exercises. He is taken to a special training zone where he will learn how to be a fleet commander. Little does Ender know, though, that many of his "exercises" were real battles that he was commanding. The people in command manipulated and tricked him once again. But, in the end, Ender helps defeat the alien forces, even though he thought it was just a training exercise.

Ender was tricked, tricked, and then tricked some more. As a child it was hard for him to discern, despite his superior intellect. The adults around could not be trusted, ever. It is not unlike the way Heathcliff manipulated his own son into getting married, all for the sake of property. The same selfish desires drove Heathcliff and the generals above Ender.
Wuthering Heights

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