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Confederacy of Dunces

A story of an extremely spoiled, self-righteous man who is forced into working class America after his mother totals their only vehicle in a drunken stupor. Ignatius, who has never really worked a day in his life, first begins working at a blue jean factory as a custodian, but is fired shortly after his attempt to rally the factory-workers for better wages and working conditions goes awry. He then moves onto a hot dog vending position, but, suffering from gross obesity, ends up eating all of the merchandise. Other less-than-significant characters include a bartender, a coctail waitress, an inept police officer, and Mr. Levy, the owner of the blue jean factory.

Disdain for Society
Ignatius hates society, and tries to stay as far away as possible from others in his city. HE carries a grude against a woman he used to know when he attended college. Both of the situations mirror the situation in Wuthering Heights...Heathcliff hates society and tries to hide out for as long as he can isolated in Wuthering Heights, and carries a grude against...well, everybody, but primarily Catherine and Cathy, two women.
Wuthering Heights

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