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Angela's Ashes

Frank McCourt is born in New York City. Unfortunately his family is forced to move back to Ireland, their native land. There, they face many hardships as McCourt's father struggles to keep a job, while his mother tries to raise the children. However, despite many difficulties McCourt is able to rise above everything that has hindered him. Despite his father's drunkeness, and despite the poverty that he lived in, McCourt makes it back to American soil after spending eighteen years in Ireland. Now, as many of us know, McCourt teaches English at the collgiate level, and has published two books. Angela's Ashes has been made into a movie already, which, was nominated for an Academy Award.

Class Struggle
Frank McCourt's life story is perhaps one of the greatest modern examples of the American Dream. We read how he began as an impoverished child, with very little hope of a future. However, McCourt took what little he had and turned it into more than many of us accomplish with more advantages as children. McCourt squeezed every bit of potential out of himself and went far. Yes, it was hard, and he struggled through many things, but in the end it was worth it. This contrasts with Heathcliff's struggle which really didn't get him anything except a bunch of people who hated him. This contrast shows how one can go far for the wrong reasons. Heathcliff climbed the social ladder for revenge; McCourt climbed it because it was there.
Wuthering Heights

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