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Paranormal Phenomena At Home?

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Distance Therapy


If there are inexplicable phenomena happening in your house or habitat such as:

and such phenomena are altering your own and/or your family’s wellbeing, then is time to take corrective action.

PURPOSE OF THE CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: To create a harmonious atmosphere in your habitat, which will increase your and/or your family’s wellbeing.

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS (proposed therapy): Complete cleaning up of the habitat from such paranormal phenomena through distance therapy. The distance therapy used IS NOT MAGIC NOR WITCHCRAFT, it is based on radionics (a harmless procedure which does not introduce any strange elements into the habitat).

SERVICE PROPOSAL: With our system you will have to pay nothing until you get results.


WHAT THE PROPOSAL INCLUDES: Cost to be paid for our services once you see results and time estimated for our job, counted from the date of acceptance.

We are looking forward to helping you soon. We trust you.

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