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Callahan County, Texas

Book 2 - General Index of Deeds - Direct

Page 26

Claypool, J. M. & wife - Scarborough, C. C.

Chittenden S. B. J. - Powell, W. C.

Cunningham, J. M. - Hart, J. S.

Cameron, Wm - Yonge, Arthur

Charleville G. W. & wife - Britton, B. F.

Callow, J. W. - Callow, J. F

Callow, J. F. - Edwards, S. T.

Cauble, W. M. & wife - Littlepage, T. A.

Coffee, Eunice A. - Lawrence, J. R.

Canda, C. J. - McElroy, W. J.

Cox, R. A. & wife - Emmerson, E. C.

Curtis, M. F. & M. A. - Seaton, John

Cliett, W. H. - J. C. O'Neal

Cannon, Jesse & wife - Brown, R. L.

Comal County - T. C. Cochran

Cochran, Linnie - T. C. Cochran

Clements, J. M. & wife - W. H. Clements

Clark, Wm G - J. R. Daugherty

Calloway, G. W. & wife - T. B. Vestal

Callaway, J. S. & wife - J. E. Pace

Callahan, P. L. - G. P. Johnson

Cox, S. W. & wife - E. C. Emmerson

Cliett, W. H. - I. N. Jackson

Coats, J. A. & wife - A. M.Cochran'

Curtis, M. F. - John Seaton

Canda, Charles J. - R. C. Dawkins

Crawford, John C. & wife - J. N. Rushing

Chittenden, S. B. Jr. - R. M. Thomsaon, Jno K. Douner

Coats J. A. & wife - W. T. Pool

Coats, J. A. & wife - St. John, R.A.

Chevalier, E. E. - J. S. Hawkins

Casey & Swasey - Emerson, E. C.

Cliett, W H - J. Bowman

Canda C. J. - H. Windham

Clinton, W. D. & wife - J. M. G. Baugh

Cowley, L. M. - W. V. Carlock

Cooper, M. M. - Price, P Sterrett

Clements, Richard - A. G. Webb

Cathey, Luke & wife - J. W. Hutchison

Clark, W. H. - C. C. Ratliff

Cooke, Geo E - John Ester Cooke

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Page 27

Caldwell, Minnie N - Ann C. Norton

Cox, R. A. & wife - Sam Cox

Canda, C. J. _ M. N. Rosenthal

J. B. Cutbirth - W. J. Betterton

Claiborne, D. W. - Webb, S. E.

Cutbirth, J. B - T. W. Keblinger

Couch, George - John & Salome Hirt

Crawford, John C & Emma - C. W. Edwards

Coates, W. P. & wife - H. C. Grantham

Coulter, J. J. - B. E. Rutherford

Cox, Sam & wife - E. C. Emmerson

Clements, W. H. & wife - James Randals

Coleman, Thomas - L. Ould & C. Marshall

Cole, S. H. - S. C. McCarty

Coles, S. H. - J. T. McCarty

Coulter, W. C. - J. W. Squires

Champion, Della - Lee Champion

Cathey, R. L. & wife - H. B. Eubanks

Cole, S. H. - I. S. Levy & Sanger Bros

Cathey, Luke - O. P. Hutchison

Canda, Chas J. - D. W. Wrister

Cauthen, G. M. - J. R. Sprawls

Clements, Tobias - Nelson Clements

Clements, Anna M - B. R. Webb

Clements, Emily - B. R. Webb

Clements, Mary L. - B. R. Webb

Clements, Emily - U S Heirs of Alford Clements

Chevelier, E E - J. B. Seay

Collins, C. C. - Wm P. Price

Cole, S. H. - I. S. Levy for Sanger Bros

Cliett, W. H. - Arthur Youge

Crowder, W. G - S. M. Moon

Crowder, W. G. & wife - S. M. Moon

Clark, William H. - William McMcuis

Clements, Emily - J. R. Reed

Clements, W. H. & wife - W. J. Thomason

Canda, C. J. - W. J. Rylee

Clements, J. P. & wife - R. M. Brummnett

Canda C. J. - A Betcher

Cooke, J. Ester - Howard W. Hunter

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Page 28

Clemer, B. C. - T. P. Stayton

Canda, C. J. - T. J. Davis

Canda, C. J. _ T. J. Davis

Comal County - Charles A & Ecil L. Mayes

Cox Launa A - James Cox

Cook, Harry Jay & wife - J. R. Cnumbie

Combs, W. F. & wife - Mrs. Caledonia Ligon

Crumbie, Joseph R & wife - The Not. L. and Trust Co

Canda C. J. - Mrs. J. E. Eastham

Comal County - Albert Mashing

Cordwent, Richard - Wilson P

Cathey Luke - F. W. James

Crawford, W. E. and wife - F. E. Crawford

Coulter, R. W. - W. B. Crawford

Chandler I. M and wife - F. S. Brauchette

Cordwent, Richard - Lucian Mimor

Craig W. J. & wife and Sallie Gould - F. W. Chatfield

Chase, E. E. - L. A. Cutbirth

Crawford, J. W. and wife - Canda, Drake & Strauss

Canda Drake & Strauss - C. C. Edwards

Carlock W. V. - E. M. Wristen

Cordwent, Richard - F. W. James

Crego, Jane and husband - Mary E. Reynolds

Clemmer, L. R. - J. T. Davis

Comal County - J. H. & W. R. Brown

Carter, R. D. and wife - Rust & Henbree

Conwill, J. O. and wife - Edwin Stackpole

Conner C. W. and wife - J. E. Pate

Chitt W. H. - T. J. Ellis

Cook Justin - Vaugh & Co

Cox E - W. E. Mayes

County Judge - R E Gwsean

Clement J. P. & wife - J R Sprawls

Clemmer H C and wife - B. C.Clemmer

Coulter, J. W. - Porter, J. J.

Coulter Ms R E Rutherford

Cliett, W H - T E Powell

Cox, D. M. and wife - F. T. Scott

Cannon Jesse & wife - J. T Edwards

Connelle, W O - Charlotte Parvin

Calloway, J. S. - Mode and Luke Hearn

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Page 29

Crumbie J R and wife - J. F and P E Blythe

Coates Geo W. P and wife - Horace H Cobb

Comal county - Benjamin Long

Carter Anderson - Horace H Cobb

Carlile John and wife - Mark L Jones

Cochran A M and wife - J A Coats

City of Baird - R A Barclay

Crumbie J R and wife - J F and P E Blythe

Crownover W R and wife - J H Willeford

Coffman J M and wife - G B Swan

Cooke Jno Esten - Louisville Trust Co

Cross P B and wife - CV Stallangs

Caperon Leon and wife - A A Maxwell

Cutbirth Sam - Cutbirth Sam Jr

Cutbirth L A and Sam - Cutbirth, Eljah

Carpenter Ed and J W Lhares - Thos H Franklin

Jno Ireland Ducan and Es Carpenter- T D Cobbs an Geo W Merchant

Collier J D and wife - W P Williams

Comal county - John Ray

Crawford W E - E Morehouse heirs

Coil Joe and wife - Jno T Edwards

Cliett W H - L M Hadley

Claggett J F - Mollie B Claggett

Crawford W E - A G Webb

Crumbacker J S - T A Gentry

Chapman, B L and wife - Lee Turknett

Coppins Ed and wife - Geo T Duncan

Cutbirth Sam Sr - Mary E McCoy

Crowder W G and wife - S M Moon

Clariha Land and Trust and Joseph Rosnethal - A G Webb

Crownover W R and wife - T E Powell

Comal county - S P Long

C L & I - I N Jackson

Comal county - Henry Harpole

Comal county - Klingeman and Klapper

Comal county - H L McDaniel

Comal county - W M Mann

Conner C W and wife - Jas Newton

C L and I Ci - I N Jackson

Cochran J H and wife - J E Aycock and G W Harris

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Page 30

Calloway J S - A G Webb

Cathey Luke - J W Hutchison

Canda Drake and Strauss - T J Davis

Crow J H - Adelaide M Thomas

Carpenter E S and Jno Ireland - Thos H Franklin

Cresmell G O - John Scaly

Cresmell G O - J H Hutchings

Cohen I - J N Jackson

Cresmell G O - J M Sealy

Cappins Ed and wife - G P Torbett

Covington D H and wife - H A Covington

Crow J H and wife - J A Rushing

Criswell Mrs A - S A Wood

Childs Robt D - M E Parks

Crowder W G and wife - Tex land Co

Coats J A and wife - G W Coats

Clements Alfred Heirs - D Williams

Carter Fannie R (Slaughter) and husband - M T clifford

Clements Annie M - J S Borders

Comal County - A L Baker

Clements Mary C - I S Luce

Cliett W H and J H Wilson - E C Hill

Carter Anderson - I N Jackson

Comal County - R H Carey

Calender clock Safe Co - Awmacon

Coleman J B - J W Jones

Coats J A and wife - W E Mayes

Coats J A and wife - J H and S G Robinson

Clements Mary L - W C Rawlings

Couch Will - S G Jones

Crowder W G and wife - Tex Land & Cattle Co

Cohen I - I N Jackson

Crawford W E and wife - J M Wagstaff

Crawford F E - W E Crawford

Cappins Edward and wife - B W Vaughan

Callahan County - J N Rushing

Cox Laura A - Jas W Cox

Caroway Jno M - N L Gist

Caraway J R and wife - N L Gist

Caraway Andrew J and wife - Jeff H McClendon

Canda Drake and Strauss - Worth Williams

Cathan and Harris - A E Harris

Comal County - H L McDaniel

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