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Gidget's little page

My Favorite things to do

My Favorite Web Sites

the spark is a cool / funny site w/ tests to take
candystand has alot of different games to play is a wonderful site w/ fan fics about all kinds of things .. but I go there for anime reasons:)
Moonromance - great romance story's that have to do with sailor moon
Anipike is a great anime site that has all kinds of cool stuff.

About Me .. My name is Krista, however I go by Gidget. Gidget means girl midget. I'm a complete shorty. Only 5' so far I want to grow more .. I don't think it will happen for me though. I'm 18 and a student at Humble High School (the H is silent so it sounds like "Umble") I'm in 12th grade this year. Yes I know my room is messy .. so sue me .. the pic above was taken aug. '00. I have played the violin for 7yrs, I also enjoy being in the choir this is however only my 2nd year (not counting 5th), and I love art. When I say art I mean I buy black and white posters and I color them in (no I don't mean the fuzzy posters either) or I will go to hidden talents in the mall, so I can buy little clay pieces so I can paint them. I also write poems. I am I anime person. I LOVE Sailor Moon, DBZ is the other one I'm really into .. almost any other anime I like but I love those two esp. Sailor Moon thats an all time Fav.

If I say nothing about my friends .. some will be happy the other will be pissed so I'm going to talk about you guys .. *evil laugh*.

My Friends

(in no order ok guys):

Brandon B. - Hmm so much to say. you've been my boyfriend so many times, but through it all we've always been best friends too. I love you, and a part of me will always love you no matter what. :-*

Jessica J. - you have been a great friend almost my whole life .. you've been there in the good and bad years. I can tell you anything and I have told you everything .. well alomost call me and let me tell you what I heard ... j/k .. I'll always love you we've had a lot of fun since first grade BFNB (bye for now babes).

Christina - (ah another first grade friend ) you've been one of my best friends since first grade who would have thought us to opposites would ever get along??? .. It's probably b/c we are both insane .. love ya.

Jenni B. - even though we never get to talk and see each other since you moved know that I still love ya. By the way remember our goal is before Gradutation to see each other again.

Candice S. - we've known each other since basicly 6th grade (yes I know we met in 5th but we didn't get to know each other until 6th). You are truly one of my best friends and I love you.

Flo - sweetie now you better not think I forgot you.. oh hells no. You are one of the best friends I've ever had, we know each other so well we can almost (even though we do half the time) finish each other's sentence's. I tell you everything just like I do almost everyone on this list .. yes people there are still somethings you don't all know about hahahaha. But Flo .. she just knows it ALL!!! .. hehehe

Tera - hmm now what can I say. You are the one who can almost always get me to open up. I know that somtimes you think I'm mad at you, but I'm not sweetie. If I am trust me I'll tell you.

Jenn R. - You Are Crazy! We have so much fun at school .. you ca even make walking through the hallways fun .. I love you so much .. however don't you just wish we could stop liking the same guys? .. lol I don't think it will ever happen though .. oh well

Kira - ok this girl is the ideal cartoon watching partner .. we have to have another cartoon fest soon.

Eric - you are one of the funniest people that I know and please don't change. You make every lunch alittle cooler.

Crystal - you are my favorite person to roller blade with. You got me hooked on butter fingers, and your alot of fun to hang out with. Love ya.

Emmy H. - Girl, we have had so much fun since 7th grade! I love you so much, your so very cool, you dork! Yes, I know we are all dorks. But hey we are happy dorks are we not? I know you moved, but we gotta stay in touch and hang more :)

Emmy F. - you are so fun to hang around with. I never know what you are going to say next, and I always feel like talking to you, even if the rest of the world doesn't exist .. thanks for always helping me through my little problems .. love ya

Emily W. - I have only known you alittle over a year now, I could not have dreamed I would miss you this much when you first went off to college. However I must say due to our conversations I have grown know you even more, and I believe we have become better friends. Which means our distance is even more hard, thank god for IM's, emails, and letters. I miss you lots!

Fairy - hey girl .. I just wanted to say I'm always here for you, you know you can talk to me. Just like I know I can talk to you .. I hope things go good for you with the girls.

Stacey - if it was not for you I would have never known what sailormoon was .. thanks for educating me on the subject. I have so much fun talking to you about it and talking about the stories .. and of course just talking to you in general.Your the greatest I am so happy to have you as a friend .. I'll miss you next year when you go to college.

Sheryl - you are one of the most "interesting" people I have ever met in my life (I mean that in a good way of course), and you write the best non sence in all history .. at least in my opinion

Steven - You are one of the only guys I don't regret going out with .. you were great to hang out with then and you still are now. I love your jokes. You are one of my guy best friends (which I don't have many of) and I love you.

Jessica P. - girl you are my on line best friend I hope you like the present I sent you. Don't work so hard okies? I miss seeing you online. (tell mike I said hi and I can't wait to see him either).

Justin B. - what can I say about you ... your my cousin, my brother, and my friend .. your one of my fav's in the family .. thanx for being there.

Peter - You have no clue how much I miss you .. I can't just call you anymore and wake you up on accident .. I hope the Marines give's you some time off soon, and this time we are going to get together ok. If I can get it together a welcome home party is in order. You are one of the people in my life thats so easy to talk to just by hearing your voice. You give great advice (well aside from telling me to fight). You like Steven are one of the guys I don't regret in my life (well love life at least) and I'm glad that we are still great friends. Love ya :-*

Veronica - Ahh my duaghter/best friend/ sister .. I love you so much. You bring so much joy into my life. If I ever have a duaghter I hope she's just like you .. pure sweetness and joy. love you sweetie.

Stephanie - Girl, I'm so glad I ran into you (lit.). Me crashing into you was the best thing .. I'm so glad I got to know you during the pops show. You became a good friend of mine fast .. next year I hope we can become best friends .. we click so well .. love ya chica!

Randi - I know you will never see this, but I'm going to write you on here anyways. In the 4 months (I think) we got to be friends. I got closer to you than I have w/ pretty much anyone on this page and not on this page. I wouldn't trade my time w/ you for anything. You were my best friend (Flo is the only one who knew me better). I wish w/ all my heart that we could still be friends. I hate the fact that your dad said we couldn't hang out anymore, but I respect your choice, I know you can't and won't on Brain's behalf .. give that little sweetie a kiss for me. You'll always be in my heart and I'll always love you.

Sheldon - man you really are my best guy friend. I love you to death. I never would have survived this last year w/o you thanks for always benig there and for looking out for me. Tkae care of Pam!

Pam - Girl, take good care of Sheldon for me, your very lucky to have him. You and him make the cutest couple, treat him right. I can't believe how much we click we are the same person isn't it fun to scare Sheldon? hehehe

As for every other one of my friends I love you all .. and I'm sorry I didn't write anything for you. But I love you anyways. :-*

Friendship Through Time

My friendship with you shall always last. Through out the future, we shall remember the past. Of all the time we have shared, I know when I need you, you will be there. I'll be there for you when you need. When you want me to I will leave. I'll always come back because of our bond. Because we have a friendship that will last all time.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! Mwa :-* bye!