Letting Go - by JC

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“Kevin!” AJ yelled through the glass wall, knocking on it repeatedly. “Come on…everyone’s waiting!”

Kevin glanced back at AJ and held up his finger. “Hang on,” he mouthed, refusing to yell back. All four of them could wait as far as he was concerned. Hell, he’d waited long enough for all of them to finally clear their schedules so they could get back to secretly working on recording one of the songs he’d written. What was another ten minutes?

Waiving AJ off, he returned his attention towards the TV monitor and watched as CNN wrapped up their interview with the thirteen Prisoners of War from Desert Storm. He’d caught a quick glimpse of Isabella sitting amongst the crowd once already. If he waited long enough, maybe he would be lucky enough to catch another glimpse.

Even though it’d only been a mere two months since letting her go, it felt like a lifetime.

“So, if you had to choose just one thing that kept you going year in and year out, what would you nail it down too?”

Each of the thirteen men looked to each other first before returning their attention to the man interviewing them.

“Definitely family.”
“Being reunited with my family.”
“Family and friends.”
“My children.”
“It would have to be my parents.”
“Oh yeah, definitely the parents.”
“Seeing my children again.”
“Loved ones.”

Perry clasped his hands together and smiled. “Knowing that my loved ones would be there waiting for me to come home.”

Kevin’s hand reached out to touch the television monitor, waiting for the moment when the cameraman panned the audience again. And when it happened, only moments later, he slowly dragged his fingers across her face.

There she was.

Isabella Basirico Whitwam Richardson.
Still his wife, but in name only.

He fought the urge to bend down and kiss the screen. Instead, he smiled and closed his eyes. He promised himself that he’d only remember the good times. And even though he only had her for a short time, he thanked God every day for bringing her into his life.

Without her, he would’ve never have know what true love was all about.
Without her, he would still be wondering whether or not love at first sight existed.
And without her, he would find a way to go on.

Isabella was moving on with her life.
Now, it was time for him to do the same.

Opening his eyes, he brought his hand to his mouth and kissed his fingers before placing them back on her face.

“I will never forget you Isabella,” Kevin whispered. “Never.”


"Letting Go" is a work of fiction.
The characters and events portrayed are fictitious,
and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

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