Minnie B. Brown

Born: April1, 1861 Danville, Kentucky
Died: Jan 17, 1951 Houston, Texas
Cause:Cerebral Hemorrhage &Paralysis
Burial: Olivewood Cemetary, Houston, Texas

Minnie B. Brown was born in Danville, Kentucky. She has been the hardest family member over the years to research. The only real records which I have been able to trace her with was the census records. According to these records after spending her child and teen years in Kentucky she moved to Alabama sometime around 1880, however this is just guess work because she had her first daughter Dasie Brown in 1881 in Alabama. Now, it is not known but at some point around 1882 or 1883 she moved to Texas because she had her second daughter Sallie Brown in Texas. I know that while in Texas they lived in Wharton, Texas. Minnie had her third and last daughter Bessie Brown my grandmother in Houston, Texas or Wharton, Texas in 1896. She and her three daughters was still in Wharton in 1900 where they all appeared on the 1900 census there it is possible they went to Wharton, Texas too work for a short period of time. Later in 1900 they moved to Houston, Texas. Researching various records i.e. city directories, I found that she and her oldest daughters worked at a multitude of jobs (i.e. washer- woman, laundry worker, housekeeper and cook) Now, I was unable to locate them on the 1910 census, but was able to locate them on the 1920 census where Minnie B. Brown lived with her daughter Bessie Harrison and Bessie's four children (Edwin, Eugene, Alvoria and my father Lee Harrison at the age of 4). It is important at this point to note by 1920 her husband and my grandfather Eugene Harrison Sr. had died in WWI in New Port News VA.,and Lee Harrison was given up for adoption to Francis Moureaux of Beaumont, Texas.

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