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The Misery Chick

This is the LORD speaking and i would just like to say that Daria, aka the misery chick, is like the coolest chick around. I love her personality and her BOOTS. The way she just doesn't care about things is so awesome. The only person she gets along with is her best friend, Jane. Jane is this artsy girl but she has a cool personality too. Daria would love to tell the peeple around her to go jump off a bridge and die and i would like to do that too (except for the few who i actually like). Daria has a crush on Trent, Jane's bro. I don't blame her, he's cute for a cartoon character. Trent's in a band called Mystic Spiral and they're actually pretty good. I used to want to be like her...If you are like me and want to be cool like daria then this is the place to worship her at. Look at her picture and use ur mental telepathy to hear her and to hear what advice she has to give you. Trust me it works. I mean i am the LORD and look at how cool i am. I am the way i am b/c of Daria. Daria thank you so much for making me the way i am. I love you and i kiss the ground u walk on. You are my HERO.

Cool peeple

......... ..........

Jane....................Trent .............................Daria

A few reasons why daria hates everything


Quinn(sister)...........Helen&Jake(mom and dad)

Okay folks this is just a few facts for you peeple who are clueless about Daria. Quinn is her sister. She's like Miss Popularity and all she cares about are her looks. She won't even admit that Daria is her sister. Helen and Jake,Daria's Parents, are a bit cynical esp. Jake. I do like Daria's mom except that she's always trying to get Daria to do stuff. There are other characters, mostly typical peeple you expect at school. It's a good show. Watch it or DIE.

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