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Hand Grenade

A Lady calls the office in the late evening hours on a early spring day. She tells me that she walks everyday out on the FM road near her house and today while walking she saw what looked like a Hand Grenade on the shoulder of the road near the bridge. Units were dispatched to secure the scene as was the local Sheriff and the local VFD (Volunteer Fire Deptartment) was also summoned to the location in a remote part of the county. After the VFD arrived on scene I was notified to contact the Bomb Squad from the Nearest Military Base. Which in our case is over 3 hrs away. During the long wait for the Bomb Squad to arrive, by this time I had several officers on location. The Local Sheriff picks up himself a stick and pushes the "hand grenade" around on the ground and tells the others that he did not belive the thing was real. Once the Bomb Squad arrived they secured the area for over 100yds covered the "hand grenade" with material to secure it in one area placed a small explosive device by the "hand grenade" and BOOM. this "Not so Real hand grenade" blew a hole in the ground about 3 feet deep and 3 foot wide.


I had answered the 911 phone the man on the other end identifies himself as a 911 dispatcher from another agency and his friends cat was in a tree and would not come down. I explained to him that the cat would come down. He insisted that the cat was not going to come down. After determining that this cat had just climbed the tree I said to him "now really have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?" He responded with a laugh "NO". I replied "the cat will come down". Now if the cat had been up the tree for a day I would have sent a fire rescue truck to remove the cat.


It was a early June morning and things at the Dispatch office were going steady when the 911 phone rang, I was quick to answer it and when the phone number came up I recognized it as being my Grandparents home phone. The man on the other end was my grandfather he said "my wife will not wake up" I asked him to stay on the line I was transfering him to the EMS. As I transfered the call my partner noticed that I was shook with the call and asked me what was call about. I told her it is my Grandma and she is not breathing. I did listen to the 911 transfer long enough to make sure my grandpa gave good directions to the house. I left the office went to my grandparents home I was just behind the ambulance as they were pulling into the drive. The EMS crew and I went to my grandmother and started CPR. I knew in my heart when we secured my grandma in the back of the ambluance she was gone, but I held on to the thread of hope. My Grandma had passed on and I know in my heart I did my job at work, I tried my best at the house. It was not till after the funeral did I tell my grandpa it was I who took the 911 call.