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Donna's Digs

This web site provides a way to share my genealogical and historical research.  Johnson County, Texas is where I live.  Digging up and sharing genealogical and historical information is what I love doing the most.  So welcome to my web site, come on in and visit awhile.

Most of the information you will find here is in the main indexes.  These are listings of some of the folks who lived or died in Johnson County, Texas.  While these indexes contain a lot of information, this isn't all there is to be listed here.  As a work is completed, that information will be added for your research.  So browse these pages to your hearts content.

Major changes will occur often over the next year or two, so come back often 
and watch these baby pages grow.

Good luck with your search


I'm so glad you stopped by.  Won't you please sign my guest book, 
and let me know if there's anything else you would like to see here.

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