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Deck Library

Disposible Heros
  • Color(s): White
  • Sent by: Maniac
    This deck is an all out rebel deck. This deck is named "Disposible Heros" because rebels are small and often die a lot. The idea of this deck is to search for rebels and attack in hordes. Enjoy!
    The Plague
  • Color(s): Black/White
  • Sent by: Maniac
    The plauge is an Urza's Saga preconstructed deck. This deck is first and foremost a control deck. It uses defensive creatures and creature destruction spells to stall untill you can play pestilence. You then protect yourself from pestilence as you use it to win the game.
    Hatred Of Holyness
  • Color(s): Black
  • Sent by: Jordan Smith
    This is a simple but very effective hatred deck.
    No Mercy
  • Color(s): black/blue/white
  • Sent by: Chris I
    The idea of this deck is to reduce you to tears!
    Zero Gravity
  • Color(s): White
  • Sent by: Zero G
    This is a flying/control/rebel deck meant to beat you down!!
    Avatar's Rath
  • Color(s): Green
  • Sent by: Jordan Smith
    Cool beatdown from my friend in Colorado!
    Long Live The Flame
  • Color(s): Red
  • Sent by: Jordan Smith
    Cool BURN from my friend in Colorado!