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Napier Family Genealogy
Booth Family Genealogy

First Generation

John D. KELLY (b: 22 Dec 1807 Robeson CO., NC) married (1) Rosetta Emeline ROWELL (b: 1835 MS) 1857 in MS (2) Mary L. (Molly) WATTS (b: 19 Mar 1818 MS) 19 Mar 1818 in MS.

Children of John and Rosetta:

1. Angaline E. KELLY (b: 1859) m: Andrew Jackson Thames
2. James M. KELLY (b: 1863 Covington CO., MS d: 19 Dec 1924 Seminary, Covington, MS) m: Rosetta J. Napier
3. Theodocia KELLY (b: 5 Nov 1865 Covington CO., MS) m: W.M. Lowry
4. John Jefferson KELLY (b: 10 Sep 1868 Covington CO., MS) m: Mary Matilda Shoemake

Children of John and Mary:

1. Catherine KELLY (b: 1840) m: Nathan Watts
2. Rueben Watts KELLY (b: 1842 Covington CO., MS) m: Mary Leggett
3. Martha A. KELLY (b: 1849) m: John Thames
4. Eliza J. KELLY (b: 15 Sep 1851 d: 10 Jan 1924) m: Archie Graham

Second Generation

James M. KELLY (b: 1863 Covington CO., MS d: 19 Dec 1924 Seminary, Covington, MS) married Rosetta J. NAPIER (b: 1874 Covington CO., MS d: 4 Apr 1949), daughter of John Creed NAPIER and Sarah Leah MARTIN, in 1890 in Covington CO., MS.

(Reference Mack Shoemake, Collins, MS)

James M. Kelly owned a store at Moscos community and was the first postmaster. Bond for postoffice was put up by his half brother Reuben Kelly, Frank Windham and Louis Redman. The postoffice was named by Jim Kelly and Mack Shoemake, they were told to get some odd name for it. It was located on the road from Mt. Carmel that leads to Ellisville.

Jim Kelly later moved to a small hamlet called Gandsi, name for Gulf & Ship Island Railroad. He was the first settler there; postmaster; and general merchant of this small town that in the early 1900's boasted a sawmill, several stores, a church, and a school.

After the railroad came, he moved his store to Seminary, MS in 1924.

(Moscos MS, by the Editor: article in newspaper in Nov. 1894):

"Just about six years ago (1888), J. M. Kelly homesteaded the place known as the Dry-Pond, and he went to work, cleared land, built houses, and soon began to dowell and about two years later, he started into the merchantile business whith a capitol of $80,000.00. Shortly after, he applied for a postoffice, which was granted. He soon began to thrive, and is now doing well as a farmer and merchant."

Children of James and Rosetta:

1. Marshall KELLY

2. Nessie KELLY

3. Grace KELLY

4. Bessie KELLY

5. John D. KELLY (b: 14 Feb 1904 Ms, d: Aug 1973 MS) m: Velma Cranford

6. Living KELLY

Third Generation

John D. KELLY married Velma CRANFORD (b: 14 Feb 1904 MS d: Aug 1973 MS). Their children:

1. Mildred Lucille (Ceil) KELLY (b: 19 Apr 1931 MS) m: (1) Morris D. Custer (2) Max Varnell






Fourth Generation

Ceil Kelly Varnell in March 1999

Mildred Lucille (Ceil) KELLY (b: 19 Apr 1931 MS) m: Morris D. CUSTER (b: 29 Jun 1925 OK), son of George Lebbeous CUSTER and Glendorah MILLER, in Corpus Christi, TX (2) Max VARNELL in Corpus Christi, TX. Children of Ceil and Morris:

1. Victor Glen CUSTER (b: 1954 Corpus Christi, TX) m: (1) Mary Jean Wood (2) Gladys Korean Looney (3) Diana Kay Taylor

2. Charles Dewayne CUSTER (b: 1957 Corpus Christi, TX) m: Jerri Jeanenne Malone

3. Mark Douglas CUSTER (b: 14 Mar 1960 Corpus Christi, TX) m: (1) Pamela Joy Teague (2) Orene Elizabeth Ehlers

4. Patti Rochelle CUSTER (b: Mar 1962 Corpus Christi, TX) m: (1) Mark Edwin Brown (2) Marty Koehl

Fifth Generation

Mark Douglas CUSTER (b: 14 Mar 1960 Corpus Christi, TX) married (1) Pamela Joy TEAGUE, daughter of Waylon TEAGUE and Shirley Ann BUCKMASTER, in Nov 1982 in LA (2) Orene Elizabeth EHLERS, daughter of Orea A. EHLERS, Jr. and Norma Jean CLENDENNEN on 13 Mar 1999 in Bandera, TX. Children of Mark and Pam:

1. Shane Douglas CUSTER (b: 29 Sept 1983 Jefferson, LA)M: Sydney Jo Sugarek

2. Jason Ray CUSTER (b: 20 Apr 1986 Corpus Christi, TX)

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Prepared by: Orene Ehlers Custer
Date prepared: 18 December 2003
Last Update: 23 Janury 2004

Information collected from family members, friends, Family Search Internet Genealogy Service, and

The information contained in these pages pertains to Mark Douglas Custer's family genealogy and is the most correct I have found in my genealogy searches. I continuously search and update the information as I obtain it.

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