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Cowtown ColiseumCSWM SwingFest 1999
The Cowtown Society of Western Music held its very first swing festival on May 2, 1999, inside the historic Cowtown Coliseum.

Each honoree proudly recieved the medallion as the initial roster of 24 legendary performers were introduced as CSWM Heroes of Western Swing by narrators Bob Inman, Bill Worden, Brad Spence, Cecilia Spiva, Craig Chambers, Dayna Wills, Devon Dawson, J.D. Brown, Monte "Hawkeye" Henson, Slim Collins, Gary Beaver, and Joyce Miller.

Great performers, such as Billy Ray Bramlett, Brady Bowen and Swing Country, CowJazz, Dayna Wills, Ed Burleson, Gary Sweet and the Rounders, Jake Hooker, Joe Carr and South Plains College, Reggie Rueffer, Ronnie Dale Shultz, Tommy Alverson, and Valerie Ryals and Swingin' Strings entertained throughout the day. Craig Chambers with Tommy Morrell and the Time-Warp Tophands completed the day's festivities with more great music and, of course, western swing dancing!


Jim Baker
Bob Boatright
Billy Ray Bramlett
Billy Briggs
Roy Lee Brown
Leon Chambers
Jerry Elliott
Randy 'Snuffy' Elmore
Joe Frank Ferguson
Art Greenhaw
B.D. Griffin
Curly Hollinsworth
Jerry Lynn Hooser
Billy Luttrell
Bill Mack
Marvin 'Smokey' Montgomery
Tommy Morrell
Rich O'Brien
L. J. Pritchett
Leon Rausch
Rob't James 'Buddy' Ray
A.D. Rowe
'Lightning' Rowe
Luke Rowe
Jack Rowe
Earl Rowe
Louise Rowe
Bill Simmons
Albert Talley
Hank Thompson
John Walden
Cindy Walker
Lawton Williams

We're fixin' up the place . . .Coming soon!
Photos of Bob Inman, Brady Bowen, Joe Carr, Bob Boatright, Buddy Ray, Mark Abbott, & The Time Warp Tophands members:  Leon Chambers, Tommy Morrell, Rosetta Wills, Greg Hardy, Craig Chambers, Bob Boatright, Mark Abbott, Bill Atwood, and Ronny Ellis.