Many of us really enjoy listening to music ..
  while driving or working on our computer,
  when dining out, socializing with friends
  and family, exercising or just relaxing.
  I personally enjoy listening to romantic oldies
  from the 1920's thru the 50's .. especially the
  Easy Listening music, Classical, Latin Dance
  and soft Jazz .. each with or without vocals.

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Here are a few of my favorite Latin INSTRUMENTALS:
" Masquerade" time 4:26 .. very relaxing arrangement of electronic keyboard and drums.
" What a difference a day makes" 3:43 .. soft jazzy keyboard, sax and drums for dancing.
" Black Orpheus" 3:26 .. smooth, creative arrangement of guitar, xylophone and flute.

Plus some very 'easy listening' OLDIES .. these vocals run about 2 minutes each:
" East of the sun", " Embraceable you", " How deep is the ocean", " I hadn't anyone til you",
" I'll get by", " I'm confessin that I love you", " I only have eyes for you", " My ideal",
" They say falling in love is wonderful", " You go to my head",

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