Score chart for team match #140: COMRADES vs Club Capablanca Cuba. 

Welcome to team match 140 which starts on Sept 23rd, 2017 and ends on
Aug 23rd, 2018. We will each play 1 game with 1 opponent at 10/30 speed.
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draw and minus -5 rating pts per loss starting at game 11. This score chart
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           "Comrades vs Club Capablanca Cuba"
gamenmbr bd Comrades           res Club Capablanca Cuba              end date
T140001W 01 Conrad GOODMAN --- 1/2 Giraldo Menendez RODRIGUEZ ----- 10/23/2017 view
T140002B 02 Henri MULLER ----- 1-0 Dr Pedro Luis Vertiz GUTIERREZ - 11/18/2017 XXXX
T140003W 03 Hilmar KRUEGER --- 1/2 Yovany del Toro MONTOYA -------- 10/02/2017 view
T140004B 04 Harry INGERSOL --- 1/2 Juan Felipe Kamanel ZAMORA ----- 01/17/2018 view
T140005W 05 Andy WOSCH ------- 1/2 Kenny Walter Martinez PINARES -- 11/18/2017 view
T140006B 06 Craig BROPHY ----- 1-0 Nelson E. Diaz VASALLO --------- 11/12/2017 view
T140007W 07 Vladimir TROFIMOV  1/2 Jorge Vazquez FERNANDEZ -------- 11/16/2017 view
T140008B 08 Dennis CRAVENS --- 1/2 Rommel Tamayo GUTIERREZ -------- 10/23/2017 view
T140009W 09 Tobias HABERMEHL-  1/2 Frank Powers ROIBAL ------------ 10/24/2017 view
T140010B 10 Rainer TAVENRATH - 1/2 Orlando Peraza BALLESTE -------- 10/20/2017 view
T140011W 11 Jose Luis OJEDA -- 1/2 Ivan Carralero RODRIGUEZ ------- 10/30/2017 view
T139012B 12 Harold MOYE ------ 0-1 Luis M. Carballa MARQUEZ ------- 02/13/2018 view
T140013W 13 Jose Luis Llorente xxx Rene Lazro Cabrera RODRIGUEZ --- 10/16/2017 xxxx
T140014B 14 Milan Vujadinovich xxx Oscar Fonesca WILLIAMS --------- 10/30/2017 xxxx
==============================     ================================ ==========
T140 14 gms: Comrades scored 6.5 pts; Capablanca scored 5.5 pts; 2 cancellations.

Notes to match: 
_._ indicates game is in progress.
_*_ indicates cited lateness or overstep.
_#_ indicates board addition or replacement.
_@_ indicates game was adjudicated.
1-0 indicates player to the left won.
1/2 indicates game ended in a draw.
0-1 indicates player to the right won.
xxx indicates board was canceled

Harold Moye was forced to forefeit this game due to health problems.
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Team Captains: 
Conrad Goodman:  and  Giraldo Menendez:

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