T137 .. ConradCHESS Comrades vs Individual Challengers by On-Line Server


This site now has an "ON-LINE SERVER" which means you can
challenge us to faster moving games instead of playing slow
games by email. The time limit is 1/3 which means playing at
least 1 move within a maximum of 3 consecutive calendar days.
Here is all you need to do to get started: 

Send an email to conradchess@aol.com and tell us:
2: What USER NAME and PASSWORD do you want to use?
3: Do you prefer 1 game vs 1 or 2 different opponents?
4: And do you want to play WHITE, BLACK or RANDOM CHOICE?
If you prefer to remain anonymous, just make up a USER NAME!

Once we receive your information, you'll receive a provisional
rating of 1200 plus a LINK to our LOGIN page which looks like this. 

Simply enter the USER NAME and PASSWORD that you gave us and LOG INTO our WELCOME
page with options to ACCEPT and MAKE new challenges plus CONTINUE games in progress. 
Players having completed less then 10 games earn 120 rating pts per win, 60 rating 
pts per draw and minus 20 rating pts per loss. Players having completed more then 
10 games earn 10 rating pts per win, 5 rating pts per draw and minus 5 rating pts 
per loss. Achieved ratings can be viewed on our RATINGS page which lists our
most active club members. If you don't see your name listed, simply ask us for
the numbers! Everything is FREE so help spread the word and challenge us soon.
This score chart was last updated by Rainer and myself on .

Gamenmbrs ending in W mean the Comrade plays white; B means the Comrade plays black;
C means Challenger plays Challenger and the challenger on the left plays white. 
Please keep a back-up file of your pgn game moves ~ just in case the server crashes,
and send us a copy of your pgn game once it is finished for rating & web publishing.

gamenmbr  ID COMRADES           res CHALLENGERS           date ended
T137001B #09 Henri Muller ----- 1-0 David Gosling ------- 04/05/2017 VIEW
T137002W #10 Dennis Cravens --- 1-0 David Gosling ------- 03/30/2017 VIEW
T137003B #11 Milan Vujadinovich 1-0 David Gosling ------- 05/02/1017 VIEW
T137004B #16 Dennis Cravens --- 1/2 Conrad Goodman ------ 03/11/2017 VIEW
T137005B #19 Jose Juis Llorente 1-0 Thomas Schmid ------- 08/30/2017 VIEW
T137006B #20 Conrad Goodman --- 1-0 Omar Kandiel -------- 04/06/2017 VIEW
T137007W #21 Eduardo Mayer ---- 1-0 Thomas Schmid ------- 09/07/2017 VIEW
T137008W #22 Dennis Cravens --- 1-0 Henri Muller -------- 04/22/2017 VIEW
T137009B #23 Eduardo Mayer ---- 1-0 Omar Kandiel -------- 05/04/2017 VIEW
T137010B #28 Henri Muller ----- _:_ Michael Hopeppenstein __/__/____
T137011W #29 Eduardo Mayer ---- 1/2 Michael Hopeppenstein 09/30/2017 VIEW
T137012C #30 Claudia Fahrenkamp 0-1 Carlos Vila Hernandez 10/08/2017 VIEW
T137013W #32 Eduardo Mayer ---- _:_ Reiner Jung --------- __/__/____
T137014B #36 Jose Luis Llorente _:_ Reiner Jung --------- __/__/____
T137015B #40 Rainer Tavenrath - _:_ Carlos Vila Hernandez __/__/____ 
Comrades scored 9.5 pts; Challengers scored 1.5 pts after 11 results with 4 gms in play.

Director & Team Captain: Conrad Goodman ------ conradchess@aol.com 
Arbiter & Web Assistant: Rainer Tavenrath ---- rtav@gmx.de

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