Score chart for team match #135: COMRADES vs NATCOR  

Welcome to our 135th match which starts on Oct 15th, 2016 and ends on Sept 
15th, 2017. Six NATCOR members will each play 1 game vs 2 Comrades by email 
at 10/30 speed. Here are the PLAYING GUIDELINES for this team match, showing
the required 9-line pgn format to use, all of which are listed at the bottom 
of this page. Plus full RECAP of all finished team matches since match #22. 
Our special thanks to Phil Drury for helping to organized this friendly event.

Send finished team games to for rating & web publishing.
You can also view these games by simply scrolling down the score chart below
and clicking the "view" link to the right of each entry .. which makes game 
viewing very easy to do on move-by-move chess boards. Enjoy the match and 
tell us if you see errors or have questions.

This score chart is current as of .
All games are listed by Group in numerical sequence.

"Comrades” vs “NATCOR” team match.
Comrades play white in gamenmbrs ending in W, black in gamenmbrs ending in B.
gamenmbr bd Comrades               ntn res NATCOR                   end date
T135001B 01 Conrad Goodman ------- usa 1/2 Colin Lyne ------------ 11/08/2016 view
T135002W 02 Mirko Djuric --------- ser 1-0 Colin Lyne ------------ 11/28/2016 view
T135003B 03 Eduardo Mayer -------- chi 1-0 Peter Dudeney --------- 11/17/2016 view
T135004W 04 Hilmar Krueger ------- ger 1/2 Peter Dudeney --------- 10/26/2016 view
T135005B 05 Harry Ingersol ------- usa 1-0 Peter Dunks ----------- 04/02/2017 view
T135006W 06 Andy Wosch ----------- ger 1-0 Peter Dunks ----------- 02/12/2017 view
T135007B 07 Nelson Alvarez Villar  arg 1-0 Phil  Drury ----------- 02/06/2017 view
T135008W 08 Milan Vujadinovich --- scg 1-0 Phil  Drury ----------- 06/18/2017 view
T135009B 09 Vladimir Trofimov ---- rus 1-0 Adam  Spencer --------- 03/01/2017 view
T135010W 10 Roberto Ducci -------- ita 1-0 Adam  Spencer --------- 12/25/2016 view
T135011B 11 Jose Luis Ojeda ------ ita 1-0 Paul  Pope ------------ 04/17/2017 view
T135012W 12 Dennis Cravens ------- usa 1-0 Paul  Pope ------------ 02/04/2017 view
======================================     ======================= ==========
T135 12 gms: Comrades scored 11.0 pts; NATCOR scored 1.0 pt; no games were cancelled. 

Notes to match:
_._ indicates game is in progress.
_*_ indicates cited lateness or overstep.
_#_ indicates board addition or replacement.
_@_ indicates game was adjudicated.
1-0 indicates player to the left won.
1/2 indicates game ended in a draw.
0-1 indicates player to the right won.
xxx indicates board was canceled

bds 09 & 10: Adam Spencer plays Vladimir Trofimov and Roberto Ducci;
bds 11 & 12: Paul Pope plays Jose Luis Ojeda and Dennis Cravens.

Team Captains: 
     Comrades: Conrad Goodman -
       NATCOR: Paul Pope ------
Match Arbiter: Rainer Tavenrath

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