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Henderson County, TX Scanning

Welcome to Henderson County, TX Scanning!

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About Scanning

Have you ever wondered where those fire trucks or police cars were going? Do you sometimes see something happen and figure you will see it in the local newspaper or on TV? Well sometimes the paper does not even tell you where that bad wreck or out of control fire was, especially around here. Wouldn’t it be nice to here local news as it happens? Well if you had a scanner receiver you can. Hear things like: criminals being caught, high-speed pursuits, fires being put out, lives being saved, and much more. You can help local authorities out by being an extra eye. If you are interested in trains or aircraft you can even listen to them as well. Now isn’t that cool? You can tune into this exciting world 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Scanning is a very fun hobby. I urge you to check with your local authorities regarding scanning laws.