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Bartz's Families

Karolyn K. Garcia
Bartz's Family Member

P.O. Box 664
Ben Bolt, TX 78342

After my grandfather, William F. Wicke's (Volney, Tonn, Bartz) death in 1996 I came across a book, "The Gottlieb Bartz Families", that Alma (Bartz) Anderson and her sister Hattie (Bartz) Cassens put together and distributed to family members in July of 1972. That has started me on a wonderful journey to find missing ancestors and to update the book. "The Gottlieb Bartz Families" book contains the short story of each of the Bartz children, Johanna Marie (Bartz) Tonn, William Carl, Herman Edward, Adolph Julius, Otto Emil, Louise Augusta (Bartz) Behrens, and Henrietta (Bartz) Ethington, and I have included those in this web site. This site also includes these names: Volney, Richter, Ransom, Cassens, Anderson, Moldenhauer, Wilkinson, Cronk, Wright, Anderson, Carr, Green, Jones, Alkers, Box, Wernecke, Long, Duge, Knapp, Winters, Timon, Brooks, and Buchanan. Just click on the link above to get started. I hope that you enjoy your visit here and that you find family members you are looking for. If you have any names, information, or corrections to add please contact me. Please be paitent as I am still entering names into this file and this page is in NO way complete. Thanks for visiting.