The bosslady here is very shiny, she has both official and unofficial merchandise, the unofficial includes kaylee replica parasols, serenity cookies, paper lanterns, JOss is Boss t-shirts, shot glasses, and some of Artcat Designs decals and iron ons. Her Miranda postcards are very shiny.

JetFlair's Jewelry and dog tags

Jetflair makes absolutely gorgeous Serenity and Firefly themed Jewelry, including the Zoe Necklace and dog tags. She also has a great list of other wonderful firefly goodies.


Some wonderful items including the "can't take the sky from me" wristbands, and blackmarket beagles, you may also have seen them at conventions, look for them and artcat designs to be sharing booths soon in the Dallas area.

AbbyShot Clothiers

AbbyShot's has some incredible costume parts and just darn cool clothing, Annd.. a project in the works they brought me in to do artwork for.. stay tuned more to come on that soon :)