I took a jewelry making class for 2 semesters at the community college I really enjoyed working in metals if I get the opportunity I will take more classes in jewelry its a fun area of art.


Cloak Pin inspired by a tattoo on a Siberian ice mummy seen in a National Geographic

This was the first ring I ever made, its made from sterling silver and copper I embossed ( I apologize for the grainy pic).

"Racing the Wind" this ring I made for a lady who owns and rescues greyhounds, made from embossed sterling silver the greyhound was a handcut and soldered into place.

This ring was made using the lost wax casting method, unfortunately I dont have access to the equipment necessary for this process at the moment. this ring is made from sterling silver with a butler finish, the stone is an amethyst which is in a tube setting.

Handwoven fine silver necklace or bracelet, mind you fine silver not sterling (click on it for a larger pic of the details).