Houston Misbehaving

Idleminds are scary... So is pain


All right crew, Listen up this is the Captain speaking. So the pics were soo fun for the scavenger hunt I decided I had to share them with the rest of yall. Here are all the submissions I recieved whether or not they were in time for the "official" scavenger hunt submission.


Not that typical duck you find in every general store in the 'verse

submitted by: artcat81

Cunning hat.. Check

fluffy dress.. Check

Carved duck... Check

Hawaiin shirt... Check

Dinosaurs... Check



Your coat is kinda a brown color....

submitted by:Swissmom: Chuckybones pictured



One Very ruffly make Kaylee jealous dress

submitted by:artcat81



Group strawberry experience...

submitted by:Swissmom; featuring:Swissmom, Texas_grrl, Lost_thought, and Happy Fishy



Mal Comic with Redfeather holding it

submitted by:Redfeather



Texas_Grrl and her dinosaurs

submitted by:Swissmom



Traveling Tim have dulcimer will travel

submitted by:Travelingtim



"all I got was this damn stick sounds like its rainin'

submitted by:Doyn



yet another lovely dulcimer look at the inlay!

submitted by:kidd