This chain takes a lot of time and patience to create, this one is shown in progress it does not yet have the clasps. this one is undrawn meaning it is a looser weave than i can make it by drawing it through a series of smaller and smaller holes I can lengthen the chain and tighten the weave. Its a very flexible chain and it does not get caught and pull my hair the way many chains do.

another option is beading to get an idea of scale those are little glass seed beeds woven in the silver.

  drawn undrawn beaded

(length 8")

$50 $75 $85

(length 14")

$100 $135 $155

*please note* this is for the standard 4-loop weave (5mm wide, undrawn) loops makes for a larger diameter chain and will cost extra due to supplies and time

custom lengths and request are happily accepted, and clasp will be one of your choice.

also available in black *if* I can get my hands on some liver of sulfur

please e-mail me if you have any questions my e-mail

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