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:::: Master Bath and Bedroom ::::

Here are some photos of our new home! It's located in downtown Bellevue, WA, and has two beds, two baths in a little over 1000 square feet. The best part is that it's right on top of the main street shops, one block from the park, two blocks from the mall and two blocks from the lake!


This is the front door from the inside.  Notice the mood lighting and hard oak floors.  This  unit is on the forth floor close to the staircase and elevator, but not right next to either.  We have two underground parking spaces and locked storage.

This photo shows the entrance from slightly inside the dining area.  The columns look quite gaudy (there's another column just outside the photo on the left), but it's really the only not so great feature.  The open door goes into the master suite, and the door on the right goes into a utility closet.

Dining and Living Rooms

Ahh...  view from the entry.  Johnny is standing at the wrap around bar just in front of the door into the guest bedroom (or gear storage room). You can see a portion of the living room and living room window in the right half of the photo.  Notice the plush carpeting.

Here's the rest of the living room including the gas fireplace.  We'll be taking down the ugly window treatment.  I think one of the original owners must've been an old lady judging from the window treatments and choice of marble/tile colors.  Notice the long window bench for built in seating and the door that accesses our private balcony.

The View

The VIEW!  Apparently, we're in the courtyard, but if you look past the buildings, you'll see Lake Washington and downtown Seattle!  Johnny likes it, but I think it's a wash especially since there's a portly fellow in the townhouse across from us (see the yellow building) who likes to walk around his balcony in his underwear and smoke.

Here's a photo of the view past the window panes.  Maybe since Johnny is taller than me, his view is better?  What do you think?

Another angle.  See the lake?  Oh, and the awning on the bottom right of the picture... portly fellow's balcony.   Unfortunately (or fortunately) he wasn't out at the time I took this photo.


A photo of the kitchen from the living area.  The counter of the bar is marble... pinkish, grayish and brownish.  The cabinets are a light pink washed oak, just like the floor.

Photos of the counter with and without flash.  I think the color on the right one is more accurate.  Johnny is standing at the door into the pantry/laundry room.  We have a full sized washer/dryer and a HUGE water heater.

A gas stove!!  So now we'll be cooking with the real thing, instant heat!  I'm not so keen on the microwave/vent, but I've lived with it for years now.

More counter space!!  I should've taken a photo from the kitchen into the living/dining area, but I forgot.

The utility room with the huge water heater.  We're thinking sometime in the future, we may want to get full sized stacking machines so we have more space to store stuff.

Guest Bedroom

Here's the extra bedroom.  There's one of those on the wall, swivel television stands on the wall, but you can't see it in the picture.

Here's the view from the guest bedroom.  Not bad eh?

More storage!  This will probably end up being a gear closet.


This is the 'hallway' view from the entrance into the master bed/bath.  On the left is the entrance, utility closet, second bathroom, and pantry/laundry room.  On the right is the dining area, and kitchen.  Nice shiny floors.  The woman standing in front of Johnny is our agent, Shueli Sun.  She's awesome!

Master Suite

Our closet with built-in shelving.   There's built-in shelving like this in all the closets.  I wouldn't necessarily design it the way it's been done, but it's certainly better than just having a wooden rod.  There's also a linen closet in this area.

The bathroom.  There's quite a lot of space in the bathroom.

The jetted tub!  Our inspector was telling me how much I'm going to love the tub because his wife loves it so much.  Actually, I could care less about this tub; I think it's a waste of space.  But then Johnny walked over with a huge grin and said "I can't wait to use this tub!"  Eh, every couple is different.

Here's the toilet and shower area.  It's nice that it's separate from the sink.

The master bedroom is quite small.  You can see the closet door just behind Johnny and the bathroom even farther back.

Here's Johnny catching a view of the lake from the bedroom window.

From the window (and ignore the puffy window treatment), you can see the railing in our balcony.

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