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Abilene Kennel Club, Inc.

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Welcome to the Abilene Kennel Club’s web-site!

Member Club of the,

"American Kennel Club"

"Join us for our 2nd Annual Responsible Dog Owners Day Event on September 22, 2012 in conjunction with the Taylor Jones Humane Societies 8th annual "Bark In The Park"!"


Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each Month, 7:00 PM, at "The Library at Mockingbird and N. 12th, in the Woodhaven Shopping Center. Abilene TX. Any and all visitors are welcome to attend meetings!

Below you will find an introduction to the "ABILENE KENNEL CLUB", its "Beginnings" and some of our current "Accomplishments!

The year 2012 will find us moving our annual show dates from January to May and extending it from 2 days to a 3 day show weekend!

The year 2011 marked the 50th year of the Abilene Kennel Club, and our 47th year of annual dog shows.

In 1959, twenty-five dog lovers joined together to organize the Abilene Kennel Club. As an organization not yet sanctioned by the AKC, the local club could only hold Class "B" Matches and later "A" Matches. Although the club was required to keep records of these activities, dogs entered in these matches were not allowed championship points. Being allowed this honor represents years of dedication on the part of these early charter members of the Abilene Kennel Club.

Strict guidelines set down by the AKC had to be adhered to for the periodic matches that were held. It was persistent hard work that was necessary on behalf of the club members during those early days which brought us to our first sanctioned show.

The club's first sanctioned show at which championship points were awarded was held in January 1965. There were 589 entries that first year, marking the first milestone for the Abilene Kennel Club. In the year "2000", we began the "New Millennium" with entries totaling 1196.

In 1984 the club became incorporated. With this step taken, more doors began to open. The club became eligible for membership status with the American Kennel Club, Inc., having voting rights and the right to a representative with a voice in AKC policies. Within the next year or so we became and still are, an "AKC Member Club".

Another milestone was reached in January 1985 with the addition of a sanctioned obedience trial at the show. This again was accomplished through several years of hard work by conscientious, dedicated people working towards this goal.

Not only does the Abilene Kennel Club promote the sport of pure bred dogs but it is also involved in community projects geared at educating the public about dog care and training. In the past the club has held obedience and conformation demonstrations at the "West Texas Fair & Rodeo", participating in the fair parade, the "Western Heritage Parade", established displays in area malls and recreation centers relating to dogs. Tattoo and eye clinics have been sponsored by the club as have other programs on dog care and dog related subjects. Donations have also been made in the past to various charities such as the West Texas Rehabilitation Center, Ben Richey Boys Ranch, and the Ray Boshardt Arena. The year "2000" also saw a new beginning for the Abilene Kennel Club in that for the first time a donation of $1.00 per entry at our annual show was donated to the local "Taylor-Jones Humane Society" and to a national breed rescue organization!

A scholarship program has also been used in the past for area youths entering the field of veterinary medicine. The club was also instrumental in setting up the first "Pet-a-Pet" (Pet Therapy) program in Abilene, where dogs were taken to places like the Abilene State School and local nursing homes. Since that time other organizations have started their own "Pet Therapy" programs, for which many of our members also participate in.

All, or most all of our members are also members of National, Regional and/or Local Breed clubs, and the local "Taylor-Jones Humane Society". They participate in breed rescue on all levels, trying to find homes for those pure bred dogs who have nowhere to go and are allowed to roam freely, endangering their lives and others, or dogs which have been dumped at the local pound because the cute little puppy became a full grown dog the owners didn't want or know how to care for properly.


"This Is the Abilene Kennel Club!"


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