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Profile page of:
Willie N. Moran, Sr.


     This Is Willie.

     A little about myself.  

     I am 53 years Old.  

     I Am Married To a Wonderful Lady By The Name Of Marian, Whom I Call By Her Nickname That I Gave Her. ( Magoo ).

     We live in south east Texas in a town called Vidor Texas.

     I have three children from a previous mariage.  Two sons and a daughter.  The oldest son, Willie Jr., is in the Army Reserves, and has been in for about two and a half years.  The youngest son, Sameul ,is going into the US Airforce in January of 2001.  My Daughter, Deanna Lea, Lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.

     My wife, Marian has two sons from a previous marriage also. They are David and Bryan.  

     I also have two grandchildren, Spencer, who is 8 years old and Keeton, who is 10 months old.

     I am retired from the US Navy, where I spent around 22 years 3 months and 21 days.  I retired September 30th, 1993.

     Now I am working as a truck driver.  I drive 18 wheelers.  I have two dogs (cocker spaniels).

     I love to ride horses (trail rides), hunting, fishing, camping (out under the stars), and playing sports (baseball, football, and volleyball) when time permits and work does not interfer.

     I spent Time In NAM Was From April 1968 Until April 1971
     I Served With River Ron One For About 18 Months. I Was With MACV As An Advisor To The Viet Nam NAV With RPG 52.  I Was At Danag, Saigon, Nah Bay, Phocong, Quavet Dongha, Hue Ect.
     I was Stationed In Kingsville,Texas For 21/2 Years From April 1971 To Oct. 1973.  
     I Went To The USS SANDLANCE SSN - 660 From Oct. 1973 Until Oct 1975.  
     The USS GRAYLING SSN - 646 From Oct 1975 Until Dec. 1976
     I Was Transfered To NAS Corpus Christi, Texas From Jan. 1977 Until Jan 1979. There I Was Assigned To Base Police.
     From Jan. 1979 Until Nov 3RD,1980 Served On Board The USS L. MENDEL RIVERS SSN - 686.
     Then I was Out of the service From Nov. 1980 I Drove Trucks
     In April 1985 I Joined The Reserves In Houston Texas. Where I Stayed Until I Went Back Active In Feb. 11 1987
     I Was On The USS HENRY Clay Blue Crew SSBN - 625 Until Jan 1990
     The USS JOHN C CALHOUN SSBN - 630 Blue Crew Until Jan. 1991
    The USS GRAY LING SSN - 646 Again Until March 1992
     Then Naval Weapons Goosecreek, SC Attached To The Marine Galley As Leading Cook.

Your Friend,
Willie N Moran, SR.

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