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Turbo Teen:
The Original Series

A Blast to the Past
A Turbo Teen/Back to The Future Crossover

It is mid June, the seniors of Hillmont High have graduated and are planning graduation trips to parts unknown. However, Bret, Patti, and Alex have been busily helping Dr. Chase out at the labs.

It is a Friday morning, the phone rings at Chase Labs in Dr. Chase's office, he answers it, "Hello, Chase Labs, how may I help you?" he answers.

"Dr. Chase, it's me Dr. Emitt Brown." the voice on the other ends says.

"Emitt, long time old friend, how are things in Hill Valley?" Dr. Chase replies.

"Pretty well, I got my time machine working properly now, how about you?" Doc Brown replies.

"I'm great, what can I do for you?" Dr. Chase says.

"You remember those plans for the time displacement ray you were telling me about?" Doc Brown asks.

"Sure do, you want me to send them to you?" Dr. Chase asks.

"If you wouldn't mind, but I'd rather you bring them yourself it would be safer that way." Doc Brown says.

"Well I can't bring them, but I can send my team with them." Dr. Chase says.

"Your team? Who are they?" Doc Brown inquires.

"Bret Matthews, Patti, and Alex, they have helped me out a lot here lately. In fact, be on the lookout for a souped up red Trans Am." Dr. Chase replies.

"Okay, thanks Ol' Friend." Doc Brown states.

"Don't mention it, and call me when your receive the plans, bye." Dr. Chase says and hangs up as Turbo Teen drives into the garage area, he walks out to meet the team.

"Hi doc." Turbo greets.

"Hi Turbo, Patti, Alex, how are you three today?" he asks.

"We're great." all three reply at the same time.

"Glad to hear it, I've got a bit of a favor to ask of you though." Dr. Chase states.

"What's that, doc?" Turbo asks.

"My friend, Dr. Emitt Brown, in Hill Valley needs some important documents taken to him immediately and I was wondering if you three would be kind enough to take them for me." Chase replies.

"Not a problem for Turbo Teen, we'll take them doc." Turbo says.

"Alex, is you'll come with me I'll get the papers for you and you can be on your way." Dr. Chase replies as Alex follows him to his office leaving Patti and Turbo to themselves.

"Well at least we're getting a somewhat vacation out of this." Turbo comments.

"Too bad it's not just the two of us." Patti replies.

"I know, hun, but we'll go on our own vacation, I'm sure Alex will understand that we need time together." Turbo states.

Patti smiles warmly, "Really?" she asks.

"Do you think I would lie to you, sweetheart?" Turbo asks.

"I know you wouldn't." Patti replies.

Alex and Dr. Chase soon return with the documents, Alex gets in, Chase wishes them a good trip, and they head off to Hill Valley. However, unbeknownst to the team, Dark Rider has overheard the entire converaation and decides to follow them to Hill Valley and steal the plans to the time displacement ray.

In Hill Valley, Doc Brown is telling Marty about the plans he is getting from Dr. Chase.

"Wow, he's sending Turbo Teen with them?" Marty asks as he leans against the DeLorean.

"Yes, Marty my boy, you get to meet Turbo Teen." Doc Brown replies as he gets the place cleaned up for their arrival.

"When will they arrive?" Jennifer asks as Marty places an arm around her shoulders.

"Since Hillmont is only a about four hours away, it is now noon, they'll be here around four." Doc Brown replies.

On a stretch of highway between Hillmont and Hill Valley, Turbo and the gang are cruising along with a familiar dark blue monster truck comes flying up behind them.

"Uh, guys, don't look now but Dark Rider's back." Turbo states as he accelerates in order to get away from their old foe.

Dark Rider picks up speed and nearly runs Turbo Teen over, but he hits the Turbo Thrust and causes them to accelerate quickly and soon they leave the monster truck eating Turbo Teen's dust.

"That's dust in his eyes, TT." Alex cheers as they disappear into the distance.

They soon arrive in Hill Valley, and head in the direction of Doc Brown's house as Dr. Chase had given them directions on the way there.

"Well, this is the address, doesn't look like a lab to me." Alex comments as Turbo Teen pulls along the curb.

Doc Brown comes to greet the team, "You must be the ones that Dr. Chase was sending, glad you found your way here." he says and opens the garage door so Turbo can pull in.

"So how are we going to explain where I'm at?" Turbo asks indicating his human self.

Patti and Alex both shrug, "Your guess is a good as ours, Turbo." Patti replies.

They both get out and shake hands with Doc Brown, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Brown, my name is Alex, this is Patti, and that's my computerized car Turbo Teen." Alex says as he introduces the team.

"Don't you mean Bret Matthews?" Doc Brown asks, as Turbo perceivably jerks backward.

"How did you know that? Who told you?" Turbo asks defensively.

"Easy there, Turbo Teen, your mentor Dr. Chase told me, don't worry your secret is safe with me." Doc Brown reassures.

"Sorry, you must understand where I'm coming from, I don't want to end up a guinea pig in a lab somewhere." Turbo says.

"Understandable, but if you're a car you must remain silent when my friend Marty McFly comes over, for we must keep this a secret." Doc Brown replies as Alex hands him the proper documents.

"Understood." Turbo replies as a black Toyota pickup pulls up into the driveway.

Marty and Jennifer exit the truck and walk up to the doc, "Hi doc, who are they?" Marty greets.

"Marty, my boy, Jennifer, this is Pattie and Alex, and their computerized car, Turbo Teen." Doc Brown replies as he introduces his guests.

"It's really nice to meet you guys." Marty replies as he and Jennifer shake Pattie and Alex's hands.

Turbo sighs, 'So what am I chopped liver?' he thinks to himself.

"Marty, Jennifer, this is Turbo Teen, Alex's computerized car." Doc Brown states as he gestures at Turbo.

"Nice to meet you." Turbo states.

"Same here." Jennifer replies as Marty grins.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Turbo Teen, I've heard so much about you." Marty manages to say.

"Really? I hope not too much." Turbo replies with a nervous tone to his voice.

"Pattie, Alex, how would you like to stay here with me?" Doc Brown asks in order to draw attention away from Turbo.

"We'd love to, Doc, but we haven't notified our parents yet." Pattie says.

Doc smiles, "You can use my phone to do that later." he replies.

"Jennifer and I need to get going, Doc, we're going to the movies in half an hour." Marty states.

"Understood, I'll see you two tomorrow?" Doc Brown says.

"Of course." Marty says as he and Jennifer get back into his truck and leave.

Doc Brown closes the garage door, "I'm sure you'd like to be in your human form now, Turbo?" he asks.

"Actually, if it's okay, Pattie and I would like to spend some time alone. So I thought we could take a drive together." Turbo replies as he clicks his driver's door open for Pattie to get in.

"Sure thing." Doc replies.

Pattie gets in, and the two love birds head out for some alone time, as Alex starts looking around the doc's laboratory.

"So what is this time displacement ray that you and Dr. Chase are working on together?" Alex asks.

"Here I'll show you." Doc Brown replies as he takes Alex to the back of his lab to show him his latest inventions.

At the same time, Turbo and Pattie have arrived at Lookout Point and are admiring the scenery around them.

"It's beautiful up here." Pattie states as she gets out of Turbo, pours some water on him, and changes him back into Bret.

Bret gets to his feet, wraps his arms around Pattie from the back, and holds her against him, "Not nearly as beautiful as you, love." he says as he kisses the top of her head.

"I love you, Bret." Pattie comments as she sighs contentedly and leans more into his embrace.

"I love you too, Pats." Bret replies and holds her more tightly.