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Welcome to my home page. I've had the site for over a year, I'm finally adding some content. It is and will be mostly dedicated to my hobby of collecting (and tuning)antique woodworking tools. Occasionally I may be found puttering around using them, but finished projects have not been recently forthcoming. My best excuse is that being a parent of triplets age 4 means I have not had free time for the past 4 years. Though at this point my chronic back pain is more in the way of completed projects than the little ones. If I can get the garage cleaned up and a couple last tools cleaned/ tuned maybe I'll go make something!

I have a fairly extensive collection of antique woodworking tools, as well as some machinist hand tools. I make the argument that most are for use, though possibly that use may be at some point in the distant future. But some antique items are either too nice to use or I am interested in the variety of examples and so I consider them more part of "my collection". My collecting interests are saws (backsaws and hand saws, mostly Disston), wooden planes (especially smooth planes), adjustable block planes, chisels, spokeshaves, calipers, squares, and sharpening stones. I even have a bit of a vise vice. Yep, I got bit by the tool bug pretty bad. They say that he who dies with the most tools wins, but I have recently begun to focus better. For now I can say I have a great selection of users and will someday figure out my favorites of each type. 4/12/02

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