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Wuddup all my bboyz and bgirlz out dere!? Iss MC/Bboy Hostile in da house! reprezentin H-Town(Houston)! Sup all muh peepz at clements high! Welcome to da dopest site eva besidez da Jam Tyte crew's site(which iz not yet finished). I juss wanna say wuddup to my crew real quick, Whuss Happnen Bboy Loco, Infinite, Explicit, Tmutt, Liunatic, Bgirl K-aos!!! Also wuddup to our main D.J., D.J.DefustimoDelate (Gene) wit dat latino pride up in dis game!! and shot out to our boy D.J. Trent (Trent) Hope yall like muh site, yo. Make sure yall sign muh guest book down below, or imo get H-O-S-T-I-L-E, ya heard me!! I hope breakdancers frum around da world learn sumthin frum muh site and dat dey will use it in deir dancin to keep it real. Thanx to Explicit for helpin me out wit dis HTML stuff. anywayz everyone keep bboyin/girlin and makin up PHAT new stylez! Hope yall chek out muh new message board and use it to exchange info and learn, ahight!? Take a peek at da new articles section too. Shot out to muh boogalooin homeboy GoldenChild, Keep shinin! Peace out! and "Dont stop Wreckin Shop!"...

I juss wanted to say dat if u havent clicked on da hotbot search thing at the bottom do it cuz it will send u to lotsta GOOD br8kn sitez dat r not even on da spartanic webring!!!!!

5/1/01 I got summ stuff up in da music section yall should get dem songs from napster. and The M.C. section is upgraded a lil bit. peace
4/26/01 Sorry yall. it's been takin me along time to get da pics up but i aint got no scanner so i gotta wait on Bgirl K-aos to scan me da pics but im stayin on her so dey'll be up soon also Bboy Infinite iz gunna send me an article dat he wrote for his journalism class soon. So chill, and "dont stop wreckin shop!"
3/15/01 I think there r a few new pics up but i wouldnt look at em yet cuz more r coming. latr yal
3/15/01 Juss had to let yall know da bad news, Bboy 2short iz no longer wit us, he sold out to biking (HOW GAY IZ DAT) he had alot of potential but he iz being queer so we aint gon see no mo pics of him and Jam Tyte iz now jackhammerless. much luv, peace
3/10/01 ALOT More Pics comings soon so be on the look out for em. Also there will be some new articles comin soon. ahight.
3/9/01 Sorry i aint updated in a while been buisy wurkin on my bboyin, we were going to go to bboy city 5 but crap happened and we ended up not being able to, but we will catch bboycity6. but there are a few new links in the links section check em out. latr.
1/31/01 Some faggot messed up my page and thought he wuz crunk but i fixed it and dropped him like a bad habbit so yall can now once again check da flave. My apologies about muh page bein down. peace.

1/13/01 Headspin directions up
1/13/01 Bio section created
1/13/01 Events section up
1/13/01 Picture section updated a few new pics(more to come)

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