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Hold On Tight

This page is dedicated to all the times we let go of the things we shouldn't have, and held on to the things we should have. The times we think back to and wonder about all the 'could have beens' and 'what if's'. The times that still wake us in the middle of the night either with the smiles of contentment or with the tears of regret. Sometimes if we don't take that chance... we'll just never know.

I Didn't Even Know Her Name

I paint her face with my memory and
etch her beauty with the
stars into my soul.
Her skin becomes my own
and warms me to the core.
Its smooth creaminess in my
mind is ever so comforting.
The feel of her cheek
against my own sends me
soaring within myself.

I hold onto this moment forever...
I hit pause as the rest
of the world flys by
in fast forward.
Her eyes burn into my own
and I am weakend by her powerful gaze.
Her touch alone tilts
the axis of my own world
and warps my reality into
something dreamlike and

Her hair, like silk,
falls across her face.
I want to brush it aside, but
doing so would require me
to let go of her.
I don't want to risk
her flying away so
i leave it be.
She looks at me through
those strands of silk and
my heart falls out onto the floor
noticed only by me.

Her scent mesmerizes me and
makes me dizzy with desire.
I am drunk with
a locked in passion.
She kisses me slightly
on the cheek and
without a word she
releases me and walks away.
I stand in absolute awe
wanting to stop her...
wanting to say something...
but i don't and
i watch her disappear with
one question in my mind -
Will we share the last dance ever again?