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WOW!!!! Its been a MONTH!!!!


Hmmm... April 10th... we've been dating a month? Can you believe that? We've only known eachother a lil over a month and yet it feels like we've known eachother for years. Like two childhood friends reunite and then some :)

People often ask me about you. Well actually... i talk about you often and those i talk to care enough to actually ask me. I watch them as they smile at me... probably cause i'm talking so fast and energeticly i've lost them completely in what i'm talking about and they don't have the heart to stop me. Or maybe its because they can see it in my eyes and in my smile and how i speak of you (lets see if i get this right) How happy i really am when i'm with you (did i say it right?)

You always ask me what it is i tell them about you... well here it is... everything i've probably ever said about you and then some...

You've got a beautiful soul and a genuine heart like i've never seen or met. You've got these copper colored eyes with these lil brown "freckles" in them. They have a beautiful inner light that shines from within them and i have to catch myself sometimes when i look at you because i could easily lose myself in them. Not that that would be a bad thing... cause i wouldn't mind at all. Your hair always smells wonderful whether you use your "staying at home" shampoo or your "going out" shampoo. You've got a mouth as big as mine... and thats pretty big. But thats a good thing... i've never met anyone with a mouth quite as big as mine... and in all honesty my big mouth is one of my favorite features for big mouths make great smiles... which you have. You have a short tongue... but it doesn't bother me one single bit. You have a very nicely shaped body. You think you have big hips... i think they are just as they should be. As well as a nice curvey little hiney and following that loooooooooooooooooooooooong legs. Oh how i wish you'd wear shorts. Buts its all good. No big deal. Your quietly serious. Not stuck up as some might percieve it as... but rather mature. Quite the opposite of myself, and thats a nice change.

What do i love about you?

Maybe its that you bring out the serious side of me... and that i can make you giggle for no apparent reason. I love that there is a comfortable silence between us when nothing is said. Its almost like nothing should be said... and to just enjoy being with one another. I love the way that when we are apart I can picture your face clearly in my mind and it makes me smile and whatever is going wrong in my life at that moment just doesn't seem to matter. I love that my friends like you. I love the fact that they see you as their friend and not just a friend of MoJo's. I love that my parents like you. Even my little sister. Hey, even my lil sister friend! I love the way you laugh. I love the way i feel when you touch me. And how unbelieveably safe i feel when you hugg me. And how you taste. Man, Do i just love piercings. I love that our personalities are different enough to keep things interesting, but our interests are close enough to being the same that we don't get bored. I love it when you give me roses... even though i continually leave them at your place. I love that you put those cards i gave you on your keyboard. I love the way you look in the morning. I love the way you act when you've got a kick ass buzz. I love that you can put your name into my pager. I love that we can chat for hours and hours on line and not even realize it. I love that you love the lil things in life. I even love your lil Levi... believe it or not. I love it when you wink at me. And how you laugh when you manage to make me turn red whether i'm embarassed or not. But i think what i love most about you is that you've given me a chance where no one else would. I love that i trust you so completely and don't even question it. I love that you trust me enough to even CONSIDER me cutting your hair. I love watching movies with you. I love sparkie (even though i've never met the guy)!!! But most of all... I think I love the fact that you are just you accepting me just as i am... flaws and all and still want me as your friend and lover.

I love that I have found myself loving you.