These are mah ROOTS and RADICALS

This is a place in the gizmo highway about a Dirty, like me :D

Something about me.. nothing about you..

Okay.. this is me in the pic(it sucks, i know..) My name is Krystle, but friends call me Skeet, along with such names like Dirty K, Beaner, Chuy, Shorty Doo Wop.. blah blah blah, right? I live in San Antonio, Tx. On a good day, I love S.A., but on a bad day i hate it for the only reason that I don't have a car.. but don't get me wrong, there are lots of things to get in trouble for down here :)'Kay, so I'm into photography. I mainly do pictures of people, but I like catching emotions or abstract things, for example, the wanting to fly with wings. I am really into poetry, i have some published.. but i constantly write .. it helps also with creativity for photography Umm.. I like punk rock, oi, some ska, and reggae..and 80's too. I go to shows when i can and hang out with my hooligans there, as well. I'm into movies like The Wedding Singer, Pretty In Pink, Sid and Nancy, All Over Me, The Legend of Billy Jean, Mad Love, EMPIRE RECORDS, suburbia, Breakfast Club.. "It's bigger than HIP HOP.." I'm into hip hop too.. MOS DEF, dead prez, dmx, SOULS OF MISCHIEF, the roots, COMMON, casual..

"A Message to you Rudie"

I like Ska. And this right here is a two tone rude boy :) The best kinda rudeboy there can be :D They are so cute with their suits and black ties. I could watch em skank all day.. well maybe not all day. Just in case you haven't heard about rudeboys, it kinda all started in Jamaica (my heaven:). They wore black and white colors (two tone)and the two tone checkers to symbolize the unity between blacks and whites. The background you see is a rudegirl and a rudeboy skanking the night away. Bands like the Specials, hepcat, Opreation Ivy, some Rancid, los Hooligans, the Gadjits make you wanna get up and skank, i recommend it.

"Oi to the Punks, Oi the Skins"

I also like punk rock and oi. I will have an image here soon. But bands i like are Union 13, Rancid, 4 skins, Manic Hispanic, the Clash, RAMONES, old misfits, distillers, vice squad, unseen, the slits, OPRESSED LOGIC, u.s. bombs, EXPLOITED, anit-flag list goes on..more to come on the punk section.. i'm just too lazy right now:) I'm also into 80's stuff like Joan Jett, police, pat benetar ... Thanks for visiting my website.. you can complain, comment or just see what's up with me at, or cheers..