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Welcome to wizdudeintx pictures and about me
America ! The Land of the Free.

WizDudeInTx * Picture Album & About Me *
(alias = Ben)
Hi !!~ Welcome!!~

Here are some pictures
and some about me.

Yes!!~ I can clean cam chat. I really get upset
when people imagine every one on a cam is doing
cam sex. Instead of seeing NO emotions in a typed
texted line. Get to know some one with
voice chat or both..on a cam.

As of Sept. 2000, I am now approved with the
Federal and State Correctional Facilities
and am very proud to carry the message of
AA, NA, Alateen and Alanon where ever I
may go.
See Yahoo Profile OneExDrunk.

If you think you have a drinking and/or
drug me.

I am celebrating 11 years clean and sober
on Oct. 21, 2003.

That's without a sip!
I never did have a drug problem but
if you want me to sponsor you, you
MUST stay clean too!
Yes! I am the guy with the
white hat on the web.

NO! I am not a hacker.

~* About Me *~
Around Feb 15, 2001, I moved to the
SeaBrook, Kemah, Texas area.
I am from a small town, called Moulton, Texas.
I am 50, divorced, single, not envolved.(07.26.2003).

I have four children..but I live alone.
I do not drink or drug..but I don't
mind if others drink..but I
do not tolerate drugs.
I have not drank in over 8 years now
I don't need a woman but I
miss the sweetness, softness,
cuddling, companionship, of a
sweet, not too loud, not party
animal female.:)
I am not ashamed to take my babys'
shoes off, cook for her, hug her in
the kitchen or just passing by.
Yeah, I still like to hold hands
grocery shopping, light a couple of
candles for dinner and dance slow
in my living room, barefoot.
Lights dim, slow soft music, and
just you and me babe.
I have a video cam..and can clean
cam chat, if you let me know
by IM or email me.
I am a professional hardware technician.
I can fix ANY computer that is not "totaled-out".
I have created approximately 150 fun graphic
web sites. You may view them quickly from my
Quick Index.
After closing my last computer shop, I was bored,
so I began creating web sites.
I am now a professional commerical web site designer.

I do web pages...both personal and
commerical. I am the creator of
Wiz Waves and have created and
emailed 982 of them for free.
I had two mpeg music wave sites.
Watch for
Wiz's Click And Rock Site to be back up.
I have 10 years in my own software
special application creation business
and another 10 in building, repairing
upgrading computers in 2 other
hardware shops I have owned.
I have removed many virus
online and over the phone.

My Favorite Quotes

  • Honesty Has It's Rewards
  • You Never Know What You can Do til Ya Try
  • To Give is To Receive
  • Careful Who You Hurt, It May Be Yourself

About me (from my Yahoo web site)
Hi !!~ My name is Ben. I now live in the LaPorte, SeaBrook, Texas area, about 1/2 city street block, from the ocean water front, and I really like it here.
I was born in a small country town 1/2 way between San Antonio and Houston, Texas on IH10...down around Flatonia, Texas.. I grew up in Moulton, Texas ..population 700 ..if you count all the chickens. I love the outdoors. I like to swim, boat ride, fish, and shake it up to RockNRoll, but Im not a party animal. I enjoy most all outdoor sports. Ummm all indoor sports too! :) I like most all music,.. except rap. I love the beach and a pretty lake. I am extremely honest and this is truly me. I do not play head games. I have 3 girls and one boy but two are grown and two live far off, so I live alone.
I am usually upfront and open and will tell you exactly what is on my mind. I love holding hands with a sweetee walking barefoot down some beach in the evenning or mornning hand in hand....listening to the waves ...brushing our bodies lightly....feeling her fingers in mine. I like to snuggle with sweet conversation. I cook..and pamper a woman..and usually give in. I have been known to often, put her legs on my lap and take her shoes off. Yes I actually have fixed a hot bubble bath and cooked dinner with candle lite for my sweetee ....just for the heck of it. I think it is nice to hold hands grocery shopping at HEB or Kroger. I take a positive attitude to every thing in my life, and give it credit to the smile I have most all the time. I do smoke. I am heavy into computer building/repairing and upgrading. I have 10 years in software special application design and another 10 years, or so, in hardware. I am a professional computer system analyst. I really am the Hackers' Worse Nitemare!! Don't worry ..:)..Im one of the good guys.
I am approved State and Federal Correctional Facility AA, NA volunteer. I do not do drugs or put up with people that do..this includes pot..!! My feelings are the same for "over-doing" prescriptive drugs. I am not married and available to date as of July 26, 2003. I have no pending legal or social problems.
I live relatively content and peaceful.
Things Wrong with me???? haha.
I think I spend too much time online..and if I ever find a sweetheart, my time will be cut big time. I can't stand gossip! Especially on here. My opinion is that if you want to judge some one on here, first voice chat and live video cam with them. You just can't see emotions in a typed line.
Many applications like Yahoo and MSN messenger have free voice and video chat.
Net Meeting and are too!
Im not rich, but I do ok. Im not so much into material, but I like nice things. Im sure there are more, but those are the ones apparent to me at this moment. After 23 years of working my tail off over some computer...Im going to take it easy now.
Drop me an email...or...instant message me any time!!
I have a video cam and can cam clean.
I am also on Yahoo and MSN