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:::::: Amanda's Story Part 2 ::::::

Amanda was sitting in the chair when the set of commercials came on the TV she started to pout; “I hate commercials they keep me from seeing my cartoons.”  Amanda started to get that familiar urge that she knew real well.  She sat there and debated with against herself.  “Ok, I am watching cartoons, the commercials are on.  I need to go but I am wearing a diaper.  Should I wet my diaper and then change it later?  But what if it leaks?”  As she sat there arguing against herself her urges grew stronger.  And with in only a few seconds she broke and ran for the bathroom.  As soon as her hand hit the doorframe of the bathroom it happened.

Amanda was standing there in the door of the bathroom with her diapers filling with warm fluid.  No matter how hard she tried she could not stop it and she could not move.  All she could do was stand there and let nature take its course.  She told herself, “Well I guess this answers it.  I am going to wet on myself.”  Amanda started to break down and started to cry.  The tears welled up in her eyes.  “I just wet my pants.”  She ran into her bedroom and threw herself on her bed and buried her head into her pillow.

 As she lay there she kept thinking over and over again: I am 16 years old and I just wet my pants.  I like the feeling of wearing the diapers but I wet my pants. There is something wrong with me.  I want to wear diapers and I just wet myself.  What is wrong with me?

Amanda lay there on her bed crying into her pillow in the diaper that she had wet only moments ago.  Then the urge came over her again.  She was too distraught to even move from her present position so she just lay there and let nature take it courses.  And with in a few moments her diaper was reaching it maximum limit.

Amanda turned on her side and looked at the soaking diaper she was wearing.  Still crying and in tears she decided to go and get a shower so that she could clean herself up.

As Amanda waddled into the bathroom with the soggy and drooping attends clinging to her she was flabbergasted at what had happened.  She did not know how to react.  She did like the feel of wearing the diapers but she was distraught when she lost control and the diaper was there to protect her.  Amanda walked into the bathroom and closed the door.  When she did she caught a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door.

As she stood there looking at herself in the mirror she thought to herself: Amanda what are you doing?  Is this what you really want?  You were so excited when you first put that first diaper on.  And now you are standing here in a wet diaper.  Amanda what is wrong with you.  You are supposed to be 16 and not 3.  You like the diapers but you wet yourself what is wrong with you?

Amanda pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind for the moment stood in the shower and started pulling the tapes back.  When she had all of the tapes loose she let the wet diaper fall to the floor of the tub.  When the diaper hit the floor is made a wet soggy slap and Amanda just stood there looking at it.  Knowing that she was the one that only a few moments ago was wearing that nice and fluffy dry diaper and now it was soaked like a wet wash cloth.  She started to sniffle again and then realized that it happened.

She took the cold wet limp diaper rolled it up and taped it up.  She then tossed it in the trashcan and turned on the water faucet.  While she was waiting those few seconds that it took for the water to warm up she let her thoughts flow: I like the feel of the diaper but wetting myself that was different.  I almost leaked through that diaper.  But if I wear them should I wet them.  That was a scary feeling.  I wet myself I have not done that since I was potty trained.  I feel so dirty right now.  Why did I hesitate and why did I wait that long that I could not make it to the bathroom.

Amanda reached down and started the shower.  When the warm water started to flow she let all those dirty thoughts and feelings go with it.  Amanda was standing there in the shower letting the warm water do it’s job to make all the cares go away.  Amanda cleaned herself up, turned the shower off and pulled the curtain back.  She reached and pulled a dry towel off the rack and wrapped it around her.

She stepped out of the tub and looked into the mirror: Amanda what is wrong with you.  You like to wear diapers. You wet yourself.  You have a great figure you are small and petite.  The guys want you; you are beating them off with a stick because you have not found the right one.  You get good grades and you have almost everything that you want.  Why did you wet yourself and why do you want to wear diapers.

Amanda pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind as she did earlier and went into her bedroom.  She looked over into the corner where the bag of Attends were laying: Yes you want to wear them but what is going to happen if you put them on again you are going to wet yourself again?  And what if you do wet yourself and you leak?  How are you going to handle that let alone explain it?

Amanda looked in her mirror and told herself, “YOU KNOW WHAT?  I LIKE TO WEAR DIAPERS!  And if I wet myself I wet myself.  This time I am going to put two of them on so that I will not leak.  I am tired of this self-doubt and the fear of hiding what I want to do and feel.  If people don’t like me because I like to wear a diaper then so be it.  If I am the only person in the world that does this because I like too and not because I have too then they can bite me.  I am going to do it.”

Amanda walked over to the bag of Attends and pulled one out.  She walked over to her bed laid down pulled the towel that she was wearing back so that she could put the diaper on.

When the diaper was on and Amanda was satisfied with the tightness and fit the diaper that she had put on herself she walked back over to her mirror.  She took a close long hard look at herself.  And at that point she decided that she was tired of being what others wanted her to be.  She liked what she was doing and the part of herself that she had found.  As she stood there looking at herself in the mirror her thoughts started to drift again.

Amanda looked deep and hard at the person that was looking back at her: Amanda if this is something that you like then go for it.  And who cares what everyone thinks or says?  They are not the ones that have to do this.  You are the one that has to live with this.  Now lets get our head on straight.  We want to do this, mom and dad our not here, we are here alone so lets take advantage of this.  You already have one diaper on and it looks good on you now lets get the other one on.  If you wet it you wet it.  Just deal with it, change the diaper, and put another one on.

Amanda reached down into the bag and pulled another diaper. She then walked over to her bed and laid down.  When she positioned the next diaper under her a thought came to mind, “ok the one that I am wearing is designed not to leak how can I fix that so that it will go into the other diaper?”  Amanda was lying on the top of the diaper with it pulled up into place waiting to be taped when a thought came to mind, “Ok I can poke holes in the diaper I am wearing now and it will bleed into the one that I am putting on now.  That should give me double the protection incase I cannot make it to the bathroom again.”

Amanda got up off her bed leaving the diaper where it lay and broke and ran into the kitchen.  She started digging through the drawers looking for that one special thing that she needed.  “Nuts, not in here.  I know where it might be.”  She made her way into the garage and that is where she found it.  “Ah ha there is what I need, right there on the work bench.  She grabbed it and ran back into her room like a gold miner that had just hit the mother load on his plot of land.

When Amanda was safe again in the confines of her bedroom she repositioned herself on the diaper that she had left lying on her bed.  When she walked in the door and looked at the diaper it looked like a baseball glove that was ready to catch a ball.  Amanda was getting really excited and could hardly wait.  She jumped onto her bed positioned herself on the diaper.  She pulled it up and measured it for good measure and then put it back down on the surface of her bed.

Amanda then opened the utility knife that she had gotten out of the garage.  She pushed the blade out just far enough so that it would split the surface of the diaper that she was wearing and not have the fear of cutting herself.  When Amanda was cutting the slits in the diaper that she was wearing she kept telling herself, “ok I cut myself and have to go to the Emergency Room and explain how I cut myself.  I could see telling them ‘I was slitting holes in the diaper I was wearing so that I could get another one on.’ I don’t think so.  Ok almost done here.”

When Amanda was pleased with the amount of slits she had in the diaper she was doing surgery on she checked the position of the diaper that was next to be put into place.  She pulled it tight and taped it into place.  She then stood up and went over to her mirror so that she could do a physical inspection of her work.  A few pulls here and a few resets of the tapes later and Amanda was satisfied with the work that she had done.

Amanda started to make her way out of her room and back into the den so that she could finish watching the rest of the cartoons that she had already missed when she noticed. “This second diaper makes this a lot thicker.  I am having a hard time pulling my legs together at the crotch.  It is making me waddle slightly.  I like this I am going to have to do this more often.  I can get into this."

As Amanda made her way into the den she plopped down in the big armchair where all of this self-doubt came into play.  When Amanda started digging around for the remote she noted that this thicker diaper that she was wearing was way different from the one that she was wearing before.  She pulled her T-shirt up and looked down at it.  “Man this is thick but it feels a little better than the single one I was wearing I might have to try three later tonight I am starting to like this thicker diaper.”

 When Amanda finally found the remote to the TV and she tried to get comfortable in the big armchair she found it hard with the extra thickness of the diaper that she was wearing.  She tried a few positions and then finally found one that worked.  As she lay there spread out on the chair with her diapers exposed from under her T-shirt she did not have a care in the world.  She even thought to herself: mom and dad could walk in right now and I would not care.  I am comfortable and peaceful.  I am enjoying this.  I am going to do this more often.  This is like being in paradise.

As Amanda lay in the armchair and let the minutes slip away the natural urge returned.  When it started to take surface she let it come and naturally her body fought it off.  She lay there and the thoughts started to flow again but she fought them off.  While she laid there in the chair watching the road runner out smarting the coyote the urge to go started reaching it’s breaking point she tried with all her might to hold it back and then she just let it all go.  She felt like she was a dam that let the flood gates open.  She got cautious and worried about leaking out of the sides of her diaper but Amanda just let it flow.  Amanda just lay there in the chair and did not have a care world she let nature take its course.  She was enjoying this and let all the stress and tension go.  When the urge concluded its flow Amanda ran her hand around her diapers and checked for leaks.  When she found none she was satisfied and just stayed where she was in the armchair and let the diapers do their work.

Amanda continued to be positioned in the armchair watching her cartoons and letting nature take it’s course when a thought came to mind: I like this. I do not have to get up to go to the bathroom during commercials.  I can stay here in the chair.  This is great I am enjoying this.

Amanda noted that she was starting to get a little soaked and the finale of the cartoons was coming near, so she decided to let the cartoons finish up and then go and change herself.  She could tell that the diapers that she was wearing were hitting their limit and she also noted that she was not totally sure how many wettings one diaper could handle let alone two since this is only the second time that she had diapered herself.

She waited for the last of the show to go off the air before she got out of the chair and started to head to her bedroom for another diaper change.  When she stood up from the chair she noticed that the diapers that she was wearing had swollen up since they had gotten wet.  She pulled up the T-shirt that she was wearing and did a physical inspection of her soaked diapers, “oh yea these are in bad need of a change they are starting to change colors on me.”

Amanda made her way back to her bedroom and noticed that she was waddling more with the way that the diapers had swollen since she had first put them on.  Amanda waddled towards the bag of diapers and then over to her bed.  She thought about what she was getting ready to do and thought to herself: Amanda, this is your second diaper change are you sure you want to do this.  What are you going to do when mom and dad are home?  How can you hide these feelings and emotions from them?  Amanda think about what you are getting into and what it can lead into.  This could lead into an addiction!

Amanda waddled back to her mirror, took a long look and started to think: Amanda you have already made the choice.   Don’t second-guess your feelings and emotions.  Do this and control it.  If it gets addictive, then work with that when the time comes.  Right now you are enjoying this and not hurting anyone or anything.  Let it flow.  Go over there change those wet diapers and get into clean dry ones.  You are not hurting anyone; you are enjoying this, let your emotion flow!  Quit fighting these feelings and let yourself experience that which you are enjoying.  Come on Amanda wake up.  For the first time in a long time you are happy!  Realize that you have found something that makes you happy and you are not doing what someone else is wanting or making you do!

Amanda closed her eyes took a deep long breath.  She took her hands and ran them along the front of the soaked and swelling diapers that she was wearing.  She was tired of all her self-doubt and she was beginning to enjoy this with each time that she diapered herself and also when she was able to just let it all go and not worry about the out come.  Amanda ran her hand along the back of her diapers as well and the same feelings flowed over her.  She has found something that she enjoyed and at to this point she did not care what anyone thought.  She was enjoying this and she decided to continue doing it.  She did not even notice that she started to wet herself again.  It came natural with no hesitation.  She was in such a relaxed state that it just flowed and when Amanda noticed that she was wetting again she just let all her cares go to the four winds.  She moved towards her bed and waited until she was finished with what she was doing.

Amanda took the two diapers and laid them on her bed.  When she finished wetting she reached for the towel that was lying on the bed.  She spread the towel out on her bed and then placed herself on it and started to change the wet diapers.  When she reached and started to pull the first tape loose she remembered that she did not have any thing to clean herself with and she also thought that some powder would be a good idea.  So she made her way back into the bathroom and got the powder and a wet wash cloth.

Amanda then returned to what she set out to do.  She laid down on the towel and started to change the wet diapers that she was wearing.  When she had both of them off she pulled them from under her and let them fall onto the floor.  She was a little startled when she heard the sound that they made when they hit the floor.  She then proceeded to clean herself, dry herself and then placed herself right back into clean dry diapers.  When Amanda was satisfied with her diaper job she proceeded over to her mirror to do a physical inspection.

While Amanda was looking at herself in the mirror she ran her hands up and down the front and back of her diapers.  She liked the way they felt and she did not care what others thought and she had no worry in the world at this point in time.

With out warning the phone rang, Amanda was startled so bad that she wet herself.  She walked over and answered the phone, “Hello. Oh high mom.  I am doing ok just glad it is Friday.  How are things going out there?  That’s good how is dad doing?  Ok can you tell him I said hi?  No not sure what I am going to do tonight.  I was thinking about calling Julie and see if she wanted to come over.  Yes mom I will be good and no I will not have any parties.  Ok mom love you and I will see you guys Sunday night.”  Amanda hung up the phone and sat down on her bed and thought about the conversation that she just had with her mom.  Amanda wondered if her mom knew what she was doing but then how could she know.  Amanda shrugged it off and wondered if she should call Julie and see if she wanted to come over tonight, “but then that means that I will not be able to wear my diapers while she is here.”  Amanda thought about this for a few moments and then wondered what Julie would say.  She put the thoughts in the back of her mind and picked up the wet diapers off the floor and tossed them in the trashcan.

Amanda looked at the clock in the kitchen it read 5:20. It is already going on 5:30 where did the afternoon go?  Then the thought hit her: well let me see Amanda two diaper changes in a little over two hours I wonder.  Amanda giggled to herself.  She grabbed the phone and dialed Julie’s phone number.  “Ok Julie where are you?”  When Julie answered the phone she sounded like she just got done running a marathon.  “Hello.”  “Julie you ok?”  “Yea was in the shower when I heard the phone ringing.”  “If I knew you were getting into the shower I would have waited until when you turned the water on and then called.”  “Amanda you are mean.”  “Hey what can I say?  By the way what do you have planned for tonight?”  “Before or after my date was called off?”  “Ok then that answers my question.  Tell you what how fast can you be here?”  “Well that all depends is Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt there?”  “Yes as a matter of fact they both just pulled up in front of the house.”  “In that case I will be there in 5 minutes.”  “Seriously how fast can you get over here?”  “Well why do you ask?”  “Well mom and dad are gone for the weekend and I have the house to myself.  And mom said there was no problem with you staying over for the weekend.”  “Tell you what give me 15-20 minutes and I can be over.”  “Great see you when you get here.”  Amanda hung up the phone and just leaned against the counter.

“Ok Amanda now what are you going to do?  Julie is coming over and you are standing here in the kitchen in nothing but a diaper and a T-shirt.  What are you going to do?  Hide this or let Julie in on your little secret.  Amanda you have about 20 minutes to decide then it will be one way or the other.”  Amanda just stood there debating on what she was going to do.  When she finally decided, “I am going to let Julie in on this and see what she thinks about it.  But I better get some shorts on before she gets here.”

Amanda looked at the clock and with in twenty minutes Julie pulled into the driveway and came up to the door.  Amanda heard Julie at the front door and let her in.  “Well long time no see Julie.”  “Yea what about a total of two hours since school?”  They both giggled to themselves.  “So Amanda what do you have planned for tonight besides nothing?”  “Well not sure as of yet and you would probably not believe me if I told you what I have been doing since I got home.”  Julie gave her a funny look, “Amanda I have known you since we were still in diapers.  Things you get into does not surprise me anymore.”  “Julie you hit the nail right on the head.”  “Ok what did you do or should I say what did you get into?”  “Well getting into would be the proper statement.  Want a coke?”  “Sure.”

The girls were in the kitchen when Amanda dropped the bomb.  Julie listened to what Amanda had to tell her and she got quiet.  There was a brief silence, “Ok, let me get this straight Amanda.  You are telling me that when you got home from school this afternoon you got a wild hair and got dressed in diapers and right now you are wearing diapers.  Is that right?”  Amanda nodded her head.  “Amanda if I did not know you better I would say that you are full of it.  But I know you well enough to know that you are.  Amanda I want to know one thing.  Why are you wearing diapers?”  Amanda got quiet for a couple of seconds and then blurted out, “I wanted too so I did it.”  “How does it feel?”  “It is a little weird at first but then it grows on you.”

Julie took all that she just heard in stride and then a thought came to mind, “Amanda do you remember when we were 5 and we were playing house and my mom caught us wearing my little bothers diapers?”  “Yea I remember that she kept us in diapers for the rest of that day. And when my parents found out they went through the roof.”  “Amanda I think that I am starting to see a pattern with you.”  Amanda started giggling. “Well Julie what can I say?  You know how I am when I want to do something I just do it.”  “Isn’t that the truth?  I remember many times hearing about your stunts.  So where is your stash?  I want to see these things.”

When Amanda and Julie got into Amanda’s room Julie just stood there staring at the bag that was sitting on the floor.  “Amanda you think you got a big enough bag?”  “That is the only size bag they had.”  “Amanda it is going to take forever for you to use all of those.”  “Well actually not really I have already used three of them and I am wearing two right now.”  “Amanda are you telling me what I think you are telling me?”  “What that I have wet myself and changed myself twice?  Yes that is what I am saying.”  “What was it like?  How did it feel?”  “Well the first time it was weird but now it is not that bad and it is starting to come natural.”  “That is wild.  So where are my diapers?”  Amanda gave Julie a funny look, “Julie are you being serious?”  Julie just looked at Amanda with a serious look; “Well if I was not being serious I would not have asked you now would I.”  “Well that is true.  Well there is the bag and there is the bed.  I recommend two just a single diaper seems not to fit right.  I was even thinking about going with three of them when I change these that I am wearing.”  “Ok two diapers it is.”

Julie walked over and pulled two diapers from the bag and tossed them on the bed.  Amanda turned to Julie and asked her, “you going to be able to get those on or would you like me to help you?”  Julie thought about the question for a few moments and said, “ok it’s all yours I have not seen what your diapers look like but it seems to me that you have a good grasp on getting these on.”  Amanda dropped her shorts and pulled her shirt up to her waist and started to model her diapers for Julie.  Julie started to giggle and said, “I can see it now you on the next pampers commercial.”  Amanda smiled.  Julie looked at Amanda and said, “you need a longer shirt Amanda your diapers are showing.”  Amanda looked in the mirror; ”you know your right this shirt is a little too short if I don’t want my diapers to show. Oh well it is not like I don’t want you to know and you are getting ready to be in them also right?”  “Well yes as soon as you get over here and help me get into them.”  “Ok then drop your shorts and lay down on the bed so we can get you diapered.”

            Julie laid down on the bed and watched while Amanda proceeded to diaper her.  When Amanda had the first diaper in place and she reached for the utility knife Julie showed a sacred look. “UM AMANDA what is that KNIFE FOR?”  “Julie relax it is so that I can put holes in the first diaper so that it leaks through into the second one.  If not then you will leak and the second diaper will not do any good.”  Julie relaxed a little but she was still leery with Amanda yielding the utility knife.  Amanda cut several slits into the diaper that Julie was wearing and when she was satisfied with her handy work she proceeded to put the second diaper on Julie.  When she was done she had Julie stand up so that they could adjust them to make them nice and snug.

Julie walked over to the mirror, pulled her shirt up, and looked at herself wearing the diapers.  “Amanda you were right this does not feel that bad and it is a weird feeling but I can get used to this.”  “See what did I tell you just wait until you have to go and you wet yourself.  That is when the weird feeling is going to come into play.”  Julie giggled, “we will see when that time comes.”  The girls just stood there for a few moments looking at each other in their diapers both thinking why in the world are we doing this and why have we not done it earlier than now.

“Amanda why have you been holding out on me?”  “What do you mean?”  “Why haven’t we done this before now?  I can see what you were saying that wearing diapers grows on you.  We have been standing here looking at each other in the mirror for 5 minutes.  I am starting to like this.”  “You telling me I have been in diapers since I got home and it is already 6:30.”  “Amanda are you starting to get hungry?”  “As a matter of fact yes.  Let’s order some pizza mom left me some money and I have a coupon.”  “Sounds good to me.  Hey lets tease the pizza guy.”  They both started to giggle.  “Julie you mean let him see us dressed like this?”  “Sure why not we can put our hair up in pigtails and get two pacifiers.  We can give him a real run for his money.”  “Julie you are bad. But I like it.  I have to think about this one but it does sound like a sneak idea.  All depends on who brings the pizza over we might know him.”  They both laughed even harder.

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