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James and Amanda sat there watching TV neither of them was interested in the show that was playing.  James looked at Amanda; “Amanda you asked me a while back to ask you about how you got started wearing diapers I think now would be a good time to ask.”  Amanda thought about what she was just asked, “I think you are right.  Well if you are ready to hear it then I am ready to tell it.”  James turned off the TV and then turned on the radio.  When he got back on the couch Amanda started into her story,

“Well a few years back when I was in grade school my mom would take care of my cousin Monica.  Back then my mom would take care of Monica a few days a week to help out my aunt.  Well at that time Monica was still in diapers and my aunt kept a bag of diapers at the house for Monica because of all the time she would spend at my house.  One Friday afternoon I had been home for a little while and I got up the gall to get one of Monica’s diapers and put it on.  I have been thinking about trying one of them on all week long and I finally decided to do it.

Mom and Monica were in the back yard doing something and I went and got into Monica’s diaper bag and grabbed a couple of her diapers.  From there I went back into my room.  I was standing there in my room holding the diapers that I got out of Monica’s bag.  I sat there on my bed I held them.  I looked at them they were something that I had wanted to try for as long as I could remember and I finally got the gall to do it.

As I sat there holding the diapers debating on what I should do I decided to put them on.  I took my shorts off and then laid down on my bed with the diaper underneath me.  As I laid there with the diaper underneath me I was still debating on what I should do.  To go ahead and put the diaper on or not.  I finally said to heck with it and put it on.  I struggled with it for a few but I finally got it on.

I was in my room looking at myself in the mirror when my mom walked in and saw me.  I was standing there in nothing but a T-shirt and that diaper.  When my mom saw me she had a cow, “Amanda what in the world are you doing?  Why are you wearing a diaper?”  All I could say was, “I wanted to so I put it on.”  When my mom heard that she went off the deep end, “Well young lady since you want too wear them then guess what.  You will stay in diapers until I take you out of them.  Since you like to wear diapers we will keep you in them. How about that.”  I was flabbergasted I did not know what to say so I didn’t say a word.  I just took the yelling at that.  So needless to say I was in diapers that whole weekend.

No matter where I went no matter what I did I was in Pampers.  She even went as far as to treat me as a baby.  She had me drinking from a bottle and also sucking on a pacifier.

That Saturday morning she got me up early changed my diaper, because I was wet because she banned me from the bathroom that weekend.  She got me dressed in a short dress, which was just short enough you could see the diaper that I was wearing, and she took me on a shopping trip at the mall.  I was so embarrassed but some part of me liked the all attention that I got when we were at the mall.  She had people coming up to us asking about me.  She told them that I was dressed for auditions for a baby diaper commercial.  And of course they would ask her, ‘isn’t she too old for baby diapers’ and she told them no they are working on a larger diaper for toddlers and they are looking for a child that is her size.

Well the mall was enough to embarrass enough to want to stay in my room for the rest of my life.  But to make it worse when I was at home that weekend I stayed in nothing but a T-shirt, a pair of socks, and my diapers.  My mom made sure to keep my hair in pigtails and she also made me drink from a bottle and suck on a pacifier.

By Sunday I was tired of wearing diapers and I was ready to get out of them.  But she still made me wear them.  She told me since I wanted to wear them she wanted to make sure I got my fill of them and I would stay in them until Monday morning when it was time for school.

Well needless to say Sunday went with out incident and I went to bed that night.  When Monday morning came around I was ready to get out of those diapers.  Mom came in there Monday morning and told me, ‘Now young lady I kept you in diapers this weekend for a reason.  If you want to wear them we can do that.  But that means that you will be a baby. Do you understand?’  I was lost for words.  I had been in diapers all weekend long and I did not have a choice.  And now she had given me a choice to wear them.  So I told her, ‘mom I do not want to wear diapers no more.  I want to be a big girl.’

She told me, ‘ok but if you want to wear them again then go ahead.  I will let you but you will be a baby.’

Well anyway things went along fine for a while and I kept sneaking diapers from Monica and mom caught me a few times and she diapered and babied me.

After a few times of me being caught and mom babying me she finally decided, ‘Amanda if you want to wear diapers go for it.  I will even go ahead and buy you your own diapers so that way you can keep them in your room.’”

“So that is the reason that I like wearing diapers.  I do not know I just wanted to do it so I went and did it.  There are a few other stories I could tell you but that would take all night and we have to be at work tomorrow.  So lets get to bed and I will tell you some more of the stories at another time.”

James just sat there and listening with his full attention,  “Amanda I can’t believe that you were that daring as a kid.  I can hardly believe that your mom did that.  But I have known you long enough and I could see you doing that.  But I agree let’s get to bed.”

As the two went to bed they talked about the story that Amanda told James.  As they lay in bed drifting off to sleep they both pictured Amanda at the age of innocence when she was told that since she wanted to wear diapers that she was going to.   At a time in a child’s life where there is no error in allow a child to be what they want too and where no one can tell you that they were wrong for letting a child dream.

Amanda’s mom might have been wrong for forcing her to wear diapers but keep in mind.  Amanda wanted to wear diapers in this story so her mom with out knowing it allowed her to explore her feelings, which did lead to her happiness later in her life.

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