Here's All You Need 2 Know!
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Getting 2 Know Me...


WOMAN-This is a word that I personify. I am God-fearing, intelligent, giving,
down-to-earth, and complete. I have designed this page to give you a synopsis
of my life and what I am all about. I sincerely hope that you enjoy what you read
and if NOT, well there's always the X in the top right corner.

My Life

1. I live in Houston with a roommate.
2. I am currently a full-time college student (Major: Nursing)/ modeling on the't tell anyone!
3. I am single and without drama.
4. I surround myself with positive intellectual (usually smarter than me) people.
5. I live life to the fullest!
6. I never take people or life for granted.

What I Do....

Poetry is my first love. Here's a little sample of what I do best:

A Hungry Mind
By: RealNtense27

The motion of honey dripping down your strength
I must admit, makes every moment glorious
Over the mountain tops I soar, over the hills I find nature's sublime
And everything in between is love's nectar, an intense lover to divine
The subtle smell of ginger ale, the hint of olive root
A single seed to feel my needs, the prophecy holds truth
Making heaven is impossible but euphoria makes love
And we find ourselves making love,
Making love, making peace, making rain, making change
Changing positions, and still heaven is the same
The feelings the same, the emotions the same, the love is the same and the game is the same
Your mind is delicious, your body my fetish
The movement redundant, our responses inconspicuous
No one has to know I love you, not even you
I am content with our word play and the way our love making takes on the value of the square root of 4
Oh my my my I hunger, I shake, I wreathe
For the scent that fulfills everything I want but takes everything I need.
Rolling my tongue upon your chest, my neurons collide
Tasting the sweetness of the creator's bliss, saratonin levels rise
I want you, I need you but this fantasy exists between layers of cerebral tissue,
And the notion of injection has crossed my mind but longevity is the real issue.

And Finally...ME!

I love trading pics but you have to meet some very tough criterion. I can tell you this though, if you're under 25, lame, speak in/with Ebonics, looking for someone to cyber with, or are a character assassinator please don't even IM me. Oh yea, don't send me an IM saying "let's trade", "S2R", or "got anymore" because if you're not worth talking to, you're not worth sending to...PEACE!


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