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Men vs. Womyn

Have you ever wondered why men and women react to certain things differently? Do you wonder why your significant other seems so irresponsible or impatient? Well I have no idea but maybe we can somehow make sense of it all together. Here is where I say what I want to say and you email me and tell me if you think I am crazy or if you totally agree.
Why do Men lie?
Men lie because it's in their nature. They don't know any better...po'..po'..children. NOW THIS IS MY OPINION: If you are a lady that can put up with the crap then knock yourself right on out. But if you are an intelligent lady like myself....then you might want to move on. If a man lies once and here is the key: AND GETS AWAY WITH IT you may as well get a chair and place it in front of a mattress cause that's what your doomed to be. He will lay on yo ass when he wants to, jump on you when he is in a hurry, and bury his feet in you when they get cold. My advice: if he admits that he is truly sorry and you believe that he can be forgiven and still respect you then go for it. But if the apology is followed by an excuse or a "but", tell his ass to kiss yours and get a hobby.