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DO believe in God
DONT date irresponsible individuals
DO believe that God is all knowing
DONT believe life should be taken for granted

DO pray regularly
DONT believe in abusive relationships of any kind

DO focus on my life's uniqueness
DONT argue with others

DO give more than i receive
DONT believe there is a such thing as NOT working!

DO belief in the old saying "honesty is the best policy"
DONT need walls put in my path of aspiration

DO practice Tai Chi
DONT speak about things I don't know about

DO love poetry's essence
DONT give in to negativity

DO read the Bible
DONT practice hypocrisy

DO respect Nature
DONT lie for others, why should I?

DO believe in marriage

DO trust and love others until given a reason not

DO love Erykah Badu's music

DO use the other 40% of my brain

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