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~Sassy's Insects~

Here you will find some cute insects. I have found these surfin the web. Be sure and reload this page because I wiil be adding more gifs as I find them.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO THESE GIFS TRANSLOAD THEM TO YOUR OWN SERVER.

Updated April 17, 2006


Worm On Mushroom
Colorful Worm (ani)
Worms Love (ani)
Purple Inch Worm (ani)
Book Worm (ani)
Happy Worm (ani)
Worm Eating
Pink Worm (ani)
Book Worm (ani)
Worm Smiling
Cute Inchworm

Tiny Worm Popping Up (ani)
Worm (ani)
Big Green Worm


Caterpillar Blinking
Green Caterpillar
Black Caterpillar (ani)
Caterpillar Smoking (ani)
Lil Caterpillar Eating (ani)
Caterpiller Changeing Colors (ani)
Caterpiller On Leaf
Caterpiller Dreaming (ani)


Beehive (ani)
Beehive w/Hearts
Bee (ani)
Bees w/Honey Pot (ani)
Bee Buzzing Flowers
Queen Bee
Cute Lil Bee (ani)
Bumble Bee (ani)
Beehive On Branch (ani)
Lady Bee Keeper
Beehive w/Bees

Bee In Flower
Beehive w/Bees
Bee Sitting On Flower Reading
Cute Bee (ani)
Tiny Bee w/Flower
Tiny Bee 1
Tiny Bee 2
Tiny Bee 3
Tiny Bee 4
Tiny Bee 5
Beehive w/Bees

Bee w/Honey Pot
Bee Asleep In Flower
Bee On Flowers
Bee w/Flower
Bee w/Pail
Big Bumble Bee
Hi Bee
Happy Bee (ani)
Three Bees w/Hive


Cute Ladybug
Ladybug On Flower
Lady Bugs
Lady Bug Looking In Mirror
Big Ladybug
Ladybug Relaxing
Ladybug Topper
Cute Ladybug Sleeping
Lady Bug
Ladybug On Leaf

Ladybug On Mushroom
Ladybug Shaking His Head (ani)

~Other Insects~

Ants Getting Food
Cute Bug (ani)
Bug Eating
Praying Mantis
Red Spider
Fly (ani)

Red Ant w/Hotdog
Blue Spider
Lil Bug Mushroom (ani)
Lighting Bug
Two Dragonflies
Cute Dragonfly
Love Bugs (ani)
Beatle Bug (ani)
Dead Bug
Yellow Fly (ani)
Misquito (ani)

Love Bugs (ani)
Scorpion (ani)
Roach (ani)
Spiderman (ani)
Ant (ani)
Scorpion 2
Fly Splat (ani)
Bug On Grass (ani)
Small Snail w/Flower
Snail On Leaf

Cute Snail
Red Bug (ani)
Sick Bug