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~Sassy's Betty Boop~

Here are some Betty Boop. Be sure and reload this page because I will be adding more gifs as I find them. PLEASE transload what you want to your own server.

Updated August 28, 2002

~Betty Boop~

Betty Hitch Hiking
Betty w/Rope
Betty In Red Dress (ani)
Betty In Bath Tub (ani)
Betty Dance (ani)
Betty Sitting On Name
Betty Heart And Dog
Betty Coming Out Of Heart Box
Betty Boop Logo
Another Betty Boop Logo (ani)
Betty In White Dress

Betty On The Moon
Betty w/Roses
Betty Going To The Beach
Betty Thinking
Betty In Red Dress
Betty In Maroon Dress
Betty w/Kitty
Betty w/Red Wings
Betty w/Dog
Baby Betty
Cowgirl Betty (ani)

Betty In Red Dress
Betty In Bath Tub
Betty In Frame
Betty Winking (ani)
Betty In Jeans
Betty And Pudgy
Betty In Heart Of Roses
Betty In Red Dress
Betty Winking (ani)
Betty & Bimbo In A Boat (ani)
Betty In Red Hat

Betty Blushing (ani)
Betty Twist (ani)
Betty Aloha
Betty Out For A Drive Betty In Pink Dress Betty On A Picnic w/Pudgy Betty Looking In Mirrow Betty In Red Betty On Car Winking (ani)
Betty On The Beach
Betty Dancing (ani)

Betty On Rose
Betty Surfing
Cowgirl Betty
Betty In Mirrow
Betty w/Dolphins
Betty In Boat
Bunny Betty
Betty In Blue Jeans
Betty In Red
Purple Dress
In Red Dress (halloween)
On Broom (halloween)

On Pumpkin (halloween)
On Broom (halloween)
On Moon
Helper Betty
Betty Sitting
Betty w/Kitty
Half Moon
Pink Angel
Sexy Betty

Blue Dress
Purple Dress
Betty In Blue Ribbon
Betty Head
Betty In Pink Dress
Betty In Blue Dress
Santa Betty
Betty In Aqua Dress