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Woodland Forest Supplies List

Treats 37 Girl Scout Book Plates

Treats 2 Turquoise Cookie Shirts, "Just Imagine", M

Treats 1 Shirt "Because I'm the Leader That's Why", L

Treats Retired patches, for girls on Wider Ops

Treats 26 Luggage tags

Treats 15 Circle of Support Pins, 60% pins

Treats 55 Green "I'm a Winner" ribbons, safety pins

Treats 18 Small grapevine Christmas wreaths

Treats 2 Green angel pins with poems

Events 2 Cookie banners

Events 1 Cookie tablecloth

Events Be Your Best pledge cards, stickers, blue reminder ribbons

Events Patch sample book

Craft #1 Assorted ribbon

Craft #1 Feathers

Craft #1 Assorted balloons

Craft #1 Assorted seam binding

Craft #1 2 Containers of salt, unopened

Craft #1 30 Plastic contact lens cups

Craft #1 Yarn - red, yellow

Craft #1 Pom pom maker

Craft #1 Plastic lacing - blue, yellow

Craft #1 Assorted paints (not many)

Craft #1 Crayons

Craft #1 lots Assorted chalk

Craft #1 6 Elmer's glue, partial containers

Craft #1 Assorted beads

Craft #1 15 Scissors

Craft #1 1 roll white crepe paper

Craft #1 1 partial roll black crepe paper

Craft #2 15 film canisters

Craft #2 Crayons

Craft #2 100 Spring clothespins

Craft #2 lots white beads

Craft #2 lots blue wooden beads

Craft #2 Green vine garland

Checkout 1 Shelter Tent, 9-1/2 feet square

Checkout 1 PA System

Checkout 1 Luggage cart

Checkout 1 Medical Kit

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